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cecilia's money is being taken back


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Most of Cecilia's reward cancelled

Money will go back to donors after tonight, Olivia Chow says


Most of the $165,000 reward money - $100,000 of it - for the safe return of Cecilia Zhang is coming off the table at midnight tonight, Toronto city councillor Olivia Chow said today.
Chow, who has been a liaison between the Chinese community and Toronto police, said the timing of the move corresponds with the Chinese New Year tomorrow.

The Chinese New Year is a significant time of hope and renewal, Chow explained, and since the reward hasn't resulted in a resolution to the kidnapping case, the "money will go back to the donors."

Cecilia, 9, has been missing since Oct. 20 when she was taken from her bedroom in the North York home of her parents in the middle of the night. She was discovered missing that morning when her mother went to get her dressed for school and found her gone.

Police spokesperson Jim Muscat confirmed later this morning that police are leaving their $50,000 reward offer in place. Another $15,000 has been put up by private donors.

With the withdrawal of the $100,000 at midnight, the reward total will fall back to $65,000.

But the girl's father, Raymond Zhang, is not giving up.

Zhang plans to remortgage his house in order to put the reward up to $200,000 - a figure that's been posted on the World Wide Web.

"I will guarantee the $200,000," Zhang told thestar.com.

Asked how he would do that, he added: "I will put my money into it. I will remortgage my house."

Chow said the $100,000 reward, which was put in a trust fund, always had a deadline of tonight.

"The 100,000 was from a trust fund that was administered through a law firm from six individuals," Chow told thestar.com this morning.

"The deadline is at midnight today," she said. "It wasn't a ransom fund. It was a reward for tips."

Police admitted today that money doesn't appear to be a motive in the abduction and are looking at other reasons why anyone would take the girl.

In a radio interview on 680 News, Toronto police chief Julian Fantino said there "hasn't been any approach for money" from the abductors and if money was a motive "we're quite confident that (a demand) would have been in by now."

Fantino said "it's becoming more and more clear that there is an ulterior motive that we haven't identified yet."

i can't believe they still have nothing. :( i thought about her alot at christmas. it must have been absolutely horrible for her parents.
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I also just found out a friends brother (20 yrs) died of a drug overdose last night.

he was friends with my lil bro. :(

sheet. :(


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So it appears to be one of those cases with the dreaded no closure. I feel so sorry for her parents and family.
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that sucks. Taking the money back has to be symbolic of losing hope... I guess the more time goes by the less chance there will be a positive outcome.

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I'm hopefuly the outcome is similar to that girl in Utah... but each day means less hope. Probably the worst thing that can happen to a person is losing a child and not ever knowing any more.