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Wow... I already brought 1000MK2's so I'll have to stick with them, but it looks like they made a few little adjustments and added the MP3 function too it. Can you just plug a laptop into it now?


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Yeah lol... I'm still happy with my set up, and it has brought the cost of me buying tracks by at least 90%. I remember buying vinyl and that shit costing me 15 bucks a track... I would come out of the record shop spending 80 bucks min. and sometimes I would go way over my budget that I set for vinyl if it was a good week.

Do you know if you could hook this up to your computer?


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MOD ONE said:
Can you just plug a laptop into it now?

I was thinking Pioneer would add the ability to control their DJ software through the CDJ-1000 but perhaps they are just going to make an external controller.
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i never understood why anyone would want to dj an MP3 anyways.... unless the bitrate is 320 there's no point on using it... on a large and clean system. the sound quality is pure shit... especially when mixed next to records and CD's that by nature have more of a "full" sound.

192bit. sounds great in headphones.. but on a clubsystem.... pure bunk!


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Agreed, I don't understand the desire for MP3 capability.

I suppose if you were really concerned with carrying around a book full of CDs you could burn a couple copies of a CD with a 100 tracks on it and use that.

But why would really want to do that?

Actually it would be usefull if you were in the club and some guy gives you a CD full of mp3s you could play them straight away. I do find myself using my CDJ-200 to listen to MP3s straight from CD when I listen to old essential mixes or tracks I've bought off Beatport here at work, burned to CD and brought home with me.


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same here, i am not interested in MP3 playback either. if the feature is there i am sure i will use it for listening to some tracks and maybe playing out a track if it is a must.

why not

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i'm waiting until you can just plug a portable hard drive into any CD player.
that's the future, fuck these little plastic discs.

(yes, i know numark has something like that)


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being concerned about carrying around a book of cds is, in my humble opnion, the absofuckinglute height of laziness

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you know what ..they are gonna milk our money untill the HD shit is poppin. oh and cds are cool but if you can search a HD in like 2 mil secs..for a track you love..dam you would def. dj better..and take less time pulling


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i am feeling the technics sl dz 1200's they are sick had the opportunity to fool around with one i'm in love and i own cdj's these things are very nice....


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well glad I only picked up a CDJ200 instead of MK2's. Don't realy see the difference. I don't scratch so,. whatever.

I'll wait till there's MK4's with 'auto-DJ' button.