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CD players



I'm thinking about getting one.

so far the only thing I've seen in my price range that looks good is the pioneer cdj 100s.
anyone every used this before? how'd you like it?

I was also wondering about a dual deck. Recomendations?

thanks in advance

Jeremy Jive

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Nothing less, nothing more. No need to look elsewhere. The only CD answer.

jeremy -now I have to start saving- jive


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i've owned pioneer and gemini cdj players, and i've played on denon and american dj ones, and i can safely say that the best manufacturer on the market is undoubtably pioneer. I haven't used the cd-100's, but i have used the 300 and 500's (i think those are the right numbers). The best thing about the pioneer players is how intuitive the jog wheel is to use, its great for speeding up/slowing down the cd much like you can with vinyl. also, the master tempo function is great.

the best thing to do is try em out and see what you like. i recommend pioneer though



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My roommate and my old friend has the CDJ100s, both love them dearly.

If you have tons of cash, I'd go with the CDJ 1000s

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by coleridge:
Pioneer CDJ-100S .... perfect if all you want to do is mix in stuff off of CD.</font>

that is all I want it for.

Cheap Ego

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tommysmalls:
the 1000's are siiiiiiiiiiiick</font>

Yeah, in an 'its so much like a turntable' kind of way, I suppose.

(i'd instert a rollseyes face here, but i'm just so tired of seeing them everywhere)