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cd burning, please help


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I just bought a new CD burner and my fav thing is being able to download live DJ sets. However I always have to ff through the CD if I want to hear a specific track. Can someone please tell me how I could create a sequence on the CD so i can skip through it as if there were tracks on it

ez cd creator 5 and nti cd creator all do it!!!!

I have never used nero but it probably does too!
get a program called MP3 TRACK MASTER


1. you open the mp3 with the MP3 TRACKMASTER
2. open the same mp3 in winamp
3. click on "grab winamp time" when you want a break in the mp3
4. click on "split mp3" in MP3 TRACKMASTER
5. burn the tracks like you would a normal cd, only remove the "2s" gap between tracks so it's continuous


and mp3 trackmaster doesn't have to load the mp3 into memory so it doesn't take forever to load

nor does it give a useless graphical display

and you can even input your own times using # values

it's good
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