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CBC says goodbye to Mr. Dressup


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Kids today apparently find video games more exciting than the Tickle Trunk. So the end of an era in Canadian children's programming is at hand.

What would Casey and Finnegan say to the sad news that Mr. Dressup is finally getting cancelled by the CBC?

For the past 11 seasons, the whole Dressup gang has lived on in reruns daily at 11 a.m. on CBC. But management has decided the grand old series has had its day. Starting in July, the show gets deported to Sunday mornings and will forever disappear from the CBC TV schedule in September.

Today's kids apparently find the whole contraption mildly out of date. A new generation raised seeing games and hyperactive action programs on their TVs aren't quite sure what to make of the mild-mannered Dressup gang.

CBC sources say the series is way down in ratings from the days Mr. Dressup would enchant 500,000 preschoolers on a daily basis. Ernie Coombs, the man who was Mr. Dressup, died of a stroke at 73 in 2001, the last of a pioneering breed of TV educators.

Born in Lewiston, Me., Coombs started out as a puppeteer on Fred Rogers' Pittsburgh TV show The Children's Corner. Rogers relocated to the CBC in 1963 and Coombs followed, but when the show got cancelled the next year he jumped to another series, Butternut Square. In 1965, he got his own show on CBC called Mr. Dressup with puppets Finnegan, Casey and a Tickle Trunk loaded with colourful costumes.

The CBC switched the show off in 1996, with more than 4,000 episodes in the can. The "best of" episodes have been running ever since. They are deliberately low-tech, using things that children might find around their homes. Segments were relaxed and emphasis was on viewer participation.

The CBC has been rebuilding its morning kids' block over the past several years and the feeling in management was that it was time for Mr. Dressup to go.

Diehards will still be able to buy choice episodes on DVD, the CBC says.
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good riddence to his pansy-ass crossdressing freako self, I say.. Never saw the point of that show until I ascended to adulthood.

Tickle trunk indeed. Ernie was worse than Mr. Rogers [a shut-in with a shoe fetish.. and who the fuck wears cardigans any more?]...

And don't get me started on Uncle Bobby. I heard they arrested him for lewd behaviour and the only way he was able to plea bargain his way back on television is to have that cop standing beside him to keep an eye.


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Wow, where's your respect? The guy is dead, and you break a can of whoop ass on his memory. You're so mean.
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annec said:
Wow, where's your respect? The guy is dead, and you break a can of whoop ass on his memory. You're so mean.

oh, sorry... forgot to add the baconpan tag to my post. Or is it :O ?? I dunno. Whichever one means don't take it seriously.
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MissBlu said:
As did I...
Mr. Dressup was a big part of my childhood...

Wha happening to Casey and Finnigan?

I read somewhere that the puppeteer who did the voices and controlled casey and finnegan left the show, and because the show didn't own the characters the puppeteer did, she took them with her. Basically if she wasn't going to do the voices and operate them, no one was.

That really sucks that Mr. Dressup is getting cancelled, although I must admit that I will enjoy having him on when I get up on Sunday mornings. :D


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i fuckin grew up on that show, the friendly giant, romper room et al...... goddamn im only 27 and i remember all that shit!