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Cause'n'Effect @ Turbo - April 26th


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Turbo was steamy tonight as some wicked local talent energized the crowd..Marcus and illfingas played their usual killer sets that even tired me out! The front was full of dancers who were feeding off of the great vibe and loving the return of residence fridays at turbo....or maybe they were just drunk off of the 2.50$ drinks :)


the voice!


the noise


don marcus




Rebecca and crew


krazy moves!


adorable! :D
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I want to know how you made it look like there was people there, unless a whole bunch showed up after I left.

Dr. Grinch

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I w asn't gonna go to Turbo, but I was already downtown after going to see "Salton Sea" @ the Famous Paramount. Stop reading this, go see it, then come back and continue. Wicked movie.

Got into the place at around 12:30 and it was about 40% full I guess. Sniper was throwing down, but it was more like throwing up. He was dropping WAY too tech/hard shit that the crowd couldn't really feel it seemed. Right up until his last 5 tunes I would say he was really alienating everyone.

Then Marcus hit the tables and made everything all better. :D
A few wrecks from the Don on this night though I noticed. Nonetheless, a wicked set. We cleared out at around 2:30, along with pretty much everyone else. Not a bad time though, especially dancing my ass of to Marcus. :)
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Even though turbo was only about 1/2 full (if even) I had an awesome night out!
Everyone was dancing, smiling, no bad attitudes at all!

$5 cover, $2.50 drinks, locals who play better than anyone.. I'm expecting fridays to be rammed this summer!

And it's Magda not Meghin Alex!! Have your ears been done in that much from the turbo speakers?? :D


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Originally posted by ecstasy riot
Magda? omg haha my real name is actually magdalena.

lol i was talking about the girl in the pic.
I confused her name with yours.... I wonder what Freud would have said about it ;)
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ecstasy riot

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Originally posted by air-bag

lol i was talking about the girl in the pic.
I confused her name with yours.... I wonder what Freud would have said about it ;)

:D I was actually going to call you for Turbo but I went to see Vitamin D, next week is my last week in Toronto so maybe I can hit it.

Actually what I ment was it was funny how you confused her name with mine (Meghin) when her name is Magda, and in actuality my real name is Magda as well. Or maybe you did get that & Im confused by what you wrote?