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Cause'n'Effect @ Turbo - April 19th


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What a WICKED WICKED nite!!
An amazing way to kick off the new (or old?) friday nights at Turbo

Unfortunately Jumpin Jack Frost was not able to come (its not the promoter's fault though), but that might be for the best since there was more time for our locals to spin :). They would have killed him anyway... like they always do.

Set of the night goes to (obviously) DON MARCUS! He picked up from Sniper and laid track after track of the best shit out there! Flawless mixing as usual.

The second best set of the night goes to Illfingas. The guy DEFINITELY CAN MIX. Threw a very nice set of some recent and a binch of older anthems.

I want to thank Rebecca from DNB Productions for bringing friday nights back. I missed turbo ALOT ever since lifeforce and syrous moved out. Guess I have my home back for the summer....

Got TONS of pics, will post them tomorrow hopefully.


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Thats too bad a bout JJF :(
that would have disapointed me big time if I could have gone
Glad you had a good time though
I bet the cheap drinks helped



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...I'm never drinking again....no really....I mean it this time.....

...on a hot day like yesterday....I wish they could have brought in the Frost...

a bad/good start

bad to have your opening night headliner not show for whatever reason......

good to have people still have a good time...


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the music was wicked, everybody was dancing, I had great time.

but honestly, i think the system was TOO loud, some/most of you might disagree, but it's 3 in the afternoon now, and i still can't hear properly. there's still a ringing in my ears! if you go all the time, it will do some permanent damage.
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Originally posted by little*jungle*nut
but honestly, i think the system was TOO loud, some/most of you might disagree,

yup. i disagree. the loud system was what i missed about turbo. i'm so glad to be back. :D i'ii definitely be sure to bring eye plugs the next time i go, but i loved the way the bass just ripped through me.


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wish I coulda made it.. I haven't dances to jungle in too long!

and yes, the system at Turbo blows ass.. it
's too damn loud.


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don marcus


mmmm...yummy record


fresh out of Clarke institute


the lady is definitely impressed


drink this shit.. it'll put you on fire... see?


caption contest anyone?


look!!! b00bies!!!!




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suspicious eh?






nice shirt




mc: this one is for the ladies. ladies: want it all?




?,?, rick toxic, dj oranges, junglistkid


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nice pix alex!!!! although my first attempts were pitiful, i'ii have to get you to let me try again.

Originally posted by air-bag


the lady is definitely impressed

well, one lady is. :p
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Nice pics from that party.... I think I was there man!

Honestly, I treated that bar last night like they were giving booze out for free! Summer Madness at trbo = 2.50 :)
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^^ yes.

5$ cover for locals nites (umm or 10... not sure yet)
2.50$ drinks

ended at 4 i think
maybe 5....

DnB Productions

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Cause n Effect Fridays at Turbo

A big shout out to everyone who came out to support our nite!!!!!!!! Cause n Effect Fridays is a weekly event and drinks will always be $2.50 all nite long. Beats will be provided by Sniper, Illfingas, Ryan Ruckus, Sennes, and Marcus Visionary. Doors open at 10:30 and we go till 4:30am.
This Friday, cover will be $5 b4 12:30 and $10 after.

Thanks again, and hope to see everyone there!!;)