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Cause 4 Concern @ Surface

miss riot

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Once again, our own local Dj's even those in the up & comers room prove to be more exciting than headliners.

I had a great time listening to local talent in the main & back room, but C4C was boring other than that renegade hardware track which all our t.dot dj's mix so much better anyways. Dont mean to be harsh, just my opinion.


Nice meeting Mr. Brown. Big up Quentin Tarantino.

Mr. Brown

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I just got in from the C4C party and I'd like to say that it was off the hook. The space was as wicked as the vibe was.
Also gotta mention that Unknown Souljah, and IST ripped it up, nuff respect to Spinz for playing a ground breaking set. Wow! C4C...wicked, Spinal and Stabba...wicked! Also gotta say that, Ricky B, K2, Krusada, and Premis played incredible sets...despite the gear. Respect guys. Hey Miss Riot, e-mail me @ mrbrownxxx@hotmail.com
Big up E-Bloc. When's round 3???:D

junior deaf

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head hurts too much to remember all, but
Venue was nice,Sound was quality,Spinz mixes laptop dubs,more help behind bar needed,Optiv ripped it,JD controlled. shouts to the original 5, 'speed' crew in attendence. respec to Pablo and E-Bloc crew for this won.cant wait for the next.


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Following their premier event a couple months back, Eastern Bloc brings in another pleasant treat for the Toronto heads: the long-awaited debut of Cause 4 Concern. Having been around for a good 3 1/2 - 4 years in the scene, C4C has reached peak recognition and causing some significant stirs in the industry. With heavy releases pending on certain well established labels, as well as their very own C4C Limited label, this group of 4 is definitely holding it down proper in the 'techy' based side of the drum & bass pond.

The Eastern Bloc crew hosted the night quite adequately at the cozy space of Surface niteclub. The venue was just right for the event; neither too big or too small despite crowdedness at peak hours. A very intimate setting surrounded by average lighting, a crisp sound system (that could've been louder btw), and some comfortable couches all around.

Couldn't say anything in regards to the Up & comers room seeing as the night was spent in the main room. Hopefully all had some nice smooth sets. As far as the locals go, Unknown Souljah displayed a variety of old dark goodies , IST mixed up some future inducing techy sounds, and Spinz tearing it up nicely with heavy tunes and super mixing alongside MC JD.

Up next came the one like DJ Optiv representing the infamous collective. As expected, he laid down a solid set consisting of dance floor smashing dubs blended in a fine manner despite a couple of bumpy mishaps. A notable mention goes out to MC JD, doing what he does best as well as doing what a host is supposed to do properly.

Curious trainspotters, you know the deal:

1) Rawhill Cru feat. MC Navigator & Spyda - Start the Fire ()E|B( Remix)
2) Universal Project - The Glock
3) Optiv - Strangeways
4) ??? - ???
5) Paul Reset - Crisis (Kemal Remix)
6) Cause 4 Concern - Peep Show
7) C4C & Fierce - Carrier
8) Marky & XRS - Closer <rewind>
9) C4C & Fierce - Evidence
10) Technical Itch - Critical Switch
11) Ed Rush & Optical - Hacksaw
12) Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune (C4C Remix)
13) )E|B( - Dosage
14) Capone - Twist 'Em Out <rewind>
15) Kemal - Let It Move You
16) Technical Itch feat. MC Jakes - The Rising
17) Optiv & Concord Dawn - Scorched Earth
18) Negative vs. Underfire - Biosfear (Kemal Remix)
19) )E|B( - The Hornet
20) Cause 4 Concern - Psyke
21) )E|B( - Torpedo
22) Hive & Keaton - The Plague
23) Cause 4 Concern - ???
24) J Majik & Sonic - New Generation
25) )E|B( - Jellybean (Instrumental)
26) Ed Rush & Optical - POD
27) )E|B( - Bomb Run

Much appreciation goes out Pablo, IST, Unknown Souljah, and all Eastern Bloc crew involved. Looking forward to your next event already. Keep 'em comin.



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I've never been disappointed with any event I've attended at Surface, but last night was just a little over avg for me. I started the night out pretty damn tired, so that may have contributed to my experience, but what I really thing it was, was poor programming. I will, however, say that the crowd was great and definately made the night for me. Lots of energy and smiling faces, which is always good.

I think this jam should have been in a slightly larger venue (at least the main room). Dancing was not possible for the majority of the night, which kind of sucked, but let up around 2-3ish. Surface, imo, is meant for more intimate, lower key parties, as they have nice tables and couches all over the place to chill, which for this party, just got in the way.

As for C4C, I honestly wasn't too impressed. All the sets from the big headliners are EXACTLY THE SAME, time in time out, with the odd exception of one, maybe two new dubs I've never heard. I also noticed a couple trainwreck's over his set, but nobody's perfect, so no big deal. For those that didn't make it, just go to DNB Arena and listen to any current set in the live archive and that's what we heard. It was really nice to hear some of those tracks on a loud system though.

The up & comers room is where I spent most of the night, b/c there was always lots of room to bust out. Most of the sets were decent, but again too much emphasize was on the "big plates" & anthems, opposed to a well thought out set with all the flavours.

I also get the impression that Surface was expecting such a big turnout. I think I spent 1/3 of the night waiting for service. The bartenders were super friendly, their just needed to be more of them. Also, talk about tight security. No joke, some guy infront of us sparked up a joint and 2 seconds after it was lit, the guy was being thrown out the door.

Anyhow, all in all I had a decent night, but it wasn't anything to write home about. I realize I'm being a little on the pesimistic side, but I just haven't been impressed with the Jungle nights of late (the few there have been). It seems as though a Jungle "Top 40" has been established and is here to stay.

The highlight of my evening was being with my friends and seeing some faces I hadn't seen in a long time, which is always nice (you know who you are).

Congratulations E-Bloc for a successful night.

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^^ Took the words out of my mouth...

Not too many dubs indeed. Could have been more interesting...
I thought spinz's set was better than optiv's.
C4C might be tight in production, but not too far above average in djing.

tune of the night was Critical Switch by Tech Itch
serious tune!!!!

over all, this was a decent preperation for TEEBEE!

spinz- pix coming asap
JP- isnt bomb run by BSM?
zirca - *cough* told you so *cough*


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Just wanted to give a huge shout out to everyone that made it out to our little soiree. We definately had an awesome time bringing you C4C and it was amazing to see so many happy faces in the crowd supporting d'n'b in our city!

Sorry it was a bit ram jam in there for a while but as soon as people realized the back room was pretty bumpin' it got a bit more comfortable.

Also wanted to say thanks to our Up and Comers in the back room for holding it down even with a few sound problems at the start. By the way, caught a lot of Mr. Brown and he seriously kicked the crap out of that room.

As for DJ Optiv, that man was pure class!! Went straight on the decks after being stuck in traffic and packed in a car for 6 hours and not one complaint. All he needed was a beer and he was ready to go. Seriously one of the coolest cats I've ever dealt with.
Unknown Souljah and Ist were both slammin, but thats to be expected ;)

Thanks again everyone for making it out ... the night was hot!

Start gettin' ready now for the next one!!!

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jp.. always right :)

some pix from C4C

dj optiv from cause 4 concern


e-riot, ? , my gf jazz

the rest will be up on easternbloc.com sometime soon


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Originally posted by air-bag
jp.. always right :)

e-riot, ? , my gf jazz

the rest will be up on easternbloc.com sometime soon
hmmm..not too many smiles in this pic. Alex, you have to stop flashing the audience before you shoot. :p


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Originally posted by --[Zirca]--
hmmm..not too many smiles in this pic.
who cares? people just want to see hot chix, regardles of their current emotional condition :)

Originally posted by --[Zirca]--
Alex, you have to stop flashing the audience before you shoot.
oww you dont like my nipples?? :( :( *sob*
guess i have no choice..next time its my buttocks

Originally posted by Aphrodite
doesn't that look like Cher beside Magda?
THAT definitely looks like her. Althou you can say that about virtually anything made of plastic.
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