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Caulfield, Marshall and the Fukhouse Crew


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Got to FW toward the end of Ian's set. Surprised there wasn't a great turnout out for this one - but considering the amount of events going on, i suppose it was to be expected.

Lee, as always, through down some killer tracks back to back to back and got the dancefloor moving. So much for the name Pokerface - Lee seemed to be having a super time behind the decks dancing away and getting the crowd excited... has lee ever had a sub-par night? !!

BUt the set of the night definitely goes to Adam - if he is going to continue down the live PA road, we are all really in for something special. Adam's music rumbled through the depths of my existential existence... and i was completely sober! that's how good he was - i can't say anything more.

And of course, the master Caulfield did what you'd expect - dirty, bass-driven poppy clicky tech-house goodness. I really love jeremy's work...He should play in TO every month (makes me wish i was around back in the building blocks days....).

Sorry Noah, left before your set so i can't comment, but i am sure it was in line with the rest of the night - deep and heavy groove beat downs!

thanks to fukhouse for another fun night at FW!


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Gee todd, I didn't see you last night! :O ;)

that was definitely the busiest I have ever seen footwork. thanks to Ian for the hospitality...I was happy I could stop by after the drake. I caught a bit of Noah's set and he had completely upped the energy after jeremy's set. No offence to Jeremy, but I found the music to be a little to slow for 2am when I arrived. Noah soon fixed that though.

footwork is definitely a good home for fukhouse. :)


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Footwork was packed, and they put a wall by the entrance to block sound, which made the club look different. I'm not sure if I like squeezing by sweaty peeps by that first turn there, but oh well.

To be honest, I wasn't into the music very much. I have to say I don't like techno as much as I used to. IT's hard to get into it on the dancefloor. Anyway....set of the night was Noah Pred! First time I heard him and I loved his set! I danced all the way through....to the bitter end. :)
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Skipper said:
Gee todd, I didn't see you last night! :O ;)


sarah, i am sorry for missing your set a tempo... yes, i am an ass... one day soon perhaps you can find it in you to forgive me... :) :)

i snuck by you at FW, but you were talking to someone... was sure you didn't see me... :p :cool:

also... i agree with the above comments... after lee and Adam's sets. Jeremy's set was a little too "clicky" and not enough "dancey"... i love it still though... sorry I missed noah's set.... apparently i am good a this kind of thing... :(
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Some pictures!

Paul Guthrie & Sara

The booth crammed with gear:

Fukhouse faithful:

Ian Guthrie & Sara
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Destro Sanchez

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missed most of adam's set (Never Forgive Action, muthafuckaz!)
lots of drums, made me get down from the getgo.

jeremy's set made ME dance. then again I'm partial to the minimal stuff you have to dig deep to really overstand.

again, Noah is quickly becoming my favourite local dj.
will call ya'll for a game a basketball!
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"then again I'm partial to the minimal stuff you have to dig deep to really overstand."

well put brotha. for me i need both body AND mind stimulation to fully be gettin down with it. even to the point where i kinda require URGENT sonic messages to be processing in my brain throughout a set. havn't been goin out too much lately for different reasons, by the Dandy jack toronto set definitely affected me in this way. (for example)

caulfield does it to me every time as well. mike shannon, theo parrish, ron trent......