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Catchin Wreck

dj velocity

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Nice to see Lush and L Natural getting some worldwide recognition.
This is Now Listen forthcoming on TOV's Here Comes Trouble vol.10 along side Supply&Demand, Friction and Alpha Omega's Klash VIP

I'll also post clips of Natty and Bonanza due for release on Hustlin Beats this January. That is, if I can ever find it in my squeaky clean room.
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I don't know, that's track is *alright* I guess. Nothing special.

One of their new tracks is pretty good though, I forget if it's either Natty or Bonanza. I mixed up the names.

Nebu kad

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Velocity dominating the forum!

It's nice to see that they are getting a big release, this will help them progress.
As far as the track is concerned, it is not bad, so that's a start. The drums are fine, and respect to them if they actually programmed them, rather than looping it up. The thing that weakens this track IMO is the limited melodic composition.



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....hey it's a Digital rip-off but it's very,very rude....might be my first "Here Comes" since Vol 7.....I still rinse Dj Red-Photon

dj velocity

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Nebu kad:
Velocity dominating the forum!


Somebody has to revive things!

Its nice to see Toronto talent being represented to a worldwide market. Having a release on an established label doesn't hurt and is bound to bring more attention to our local scene.
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spAce cAdette

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Not to mention the bookings they've had in the UK (eg. TOV @ Nottinghill Carnival) The exposure helps this whole city because now not only the heavy weights, but the punters too, can see that Toronto's got a lot to offer.