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Cat is out of the bag, re:PEST


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Pest is a complete fuck-up... and here's the proof.

Some guy named "Pro" on torontonightclub.com, reviewing Carl Cox at Tonic the other night:

"One of the best nights I have had in years. I have seen Carl 6 times but everytime he has played T.O. he has never been into it. That was not the case last night the man went nuts. Music was wicked! The crowd was very different everybody was partying ginos, ravers, rockers, your coke& stripper crowd I even say a couple suits. Thanks TNC it was a wicked night I saw a lot of old friends from my industry days. Best time I have had in a long time. Techno, Techno, Techno!"

Pest, reviewing Carl Cox the other night, writing on tribe:

"I have seen Carl Cox 6 times and usually when he plays T.O. he just isn't into it, like he was when I saw him in Montreal and Ibiza. But last night the man was dancing, smiling, and chearing on the crowd it was awesome to see how he got the crowd into it....You had everyone there which was so good to see. You had the coke & stripper crowd, ginos, rockers, ravers, the college crowd even people in suits."

Marco G (who pest say he is), writing on torontonightclub.com:

"Carl Cox is new to me but to others he is like a god."

And, also, reading some more of Marco G's stuff, you realize that he cannot be Pest, since he can actually write: uses punctuation, and doesn't have run-on sentences.



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Re: Re: Cat is out of the bag, re:pEST

Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate
PosTMod p.i.

I remember some other idiot who had 16 or so aliases, and he got mighty pissed when I listed off 14 or so of them...
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Originally posted by Special K

good work Post Mod BUT your still KIND OF OFF with your investigations!
Well, I'm not about to spend more than 5 minutes reading shit, m'kay?

You want to act like losers, go right ahead... I'll play along.
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It is now my mission to help Pest.

You see, I feel bad when people have such low self-esteem that they have to resort to making farting noises in the back of the class.

This way--bumping the threads-- Pest can get better quicker. Of course, the house of cards will eventually fall, but until then, he can pretend to be someone.

He can pretend that people care.

Love you, Pest. Really.
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since sea i have not seen such a "controversial" creature as this "pest" person phenomenon appears to be. at least sea was literate and at times quite amusing.

i. wish i. cared.



(don't feed the trolls.)