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Cat: Free to a good home


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**** I am posting this for a friend, if you have any questions PM me and I will give you her email address ****


Beautiful, 3 year old cat is free to a good, caring home. Due to the progression of my 8 year old son’s asthma, we have no choice but to give him up.


- Litter box
- Bowls
- 1 bag of litter
- 1 bag of food
- Cat carrier

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deevah said:

please find kitten a good home!

(how about giving away your son to keep the cat?) :p

My thoughts too!

I have severe asthma...and would NEVER give my kitties up over it. That is what asthma meds are for.

I hope the kitty finds a new loving home. Good luck kitty!
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Thanks for your replies peeps. I'm sure kitty will find a good home.

But, if you're not interested in the cat don't post in here. There's a thread for that already. I really don't want to hear your " that's what meds are for" opinions on the subject.