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Casting a ring out of a platinum eagle coin


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I have never really found a lot of platinum jewelry as a metal detectorist, and no rings I could wear, but I like the way platinum looks and feels so I decided to make a platinum ring for myself.

I based the platinum ring design on the excellent design of the heavy 22k Neissing band I dug out of the Indian Ocean a few months ago. That ring fits me perfectly and its design is simple, clean, and just feels right on my finger.


I haven't had any jewelry made for many, many years, so this was kind of a treat for me.

Platinum as a metal has a higher density than gold. I did the math and found out that I would need a 1/2 an ounce of pure platinum to make the ring.

From the gold ring, a rubber mold was made, and wax was poured into that to make an exact copy of the gold ring.



The gold makers mark and purity mark was filled in on the wax ring and smoothed out.


I had enough 95% platinum on hand (4 other rings) to make this new ring but my casting guy said he would rather work with pure platinum as he had no idea what my platinum scrap rings were alloyed with. I got him a 1/2 oz platinum eagle coin, which is 99995% pure platinum and then he added 5% iridium to make a more durable alloy for daily wear which would still yield 95% platinum, the standard for good platinum jewelry (marked PLAT, Pt, or Pt950).


I lost about a gram in the polishing and buffing, but my new ring still weighs in at nearly 14 grams.


It feels different than the gold ring, the metal is colder, and it is heavier, but I like it a lot.



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That's pretty bad ass. Would you get it engraved with something or just keep it smooth like that?

Klubmasta Will

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howbout PLURR? the extra R is for responsibility! :p

i have a thumb ring that i bought in brixton in 1996 that says "peace love" on it. i'm wearing it right now!
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