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Cass part 2 - Element w/ Mark Scaife

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by el presidente Highsteppa, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. Again, Cass proves that he's willing to take the music in a new direction and can keep a crowd going. Teamed up with Mark Scaife, they tag teamed it back and forth, steadily building up the mood and bring the crowd up with them. Impeccable track selection, and such a nice, cozy, and tight atmosphere. I have to say that I'm definitely going to have to check out Element again. Nice atmosphere, nice clientelle (completely different from System) and a very cool feel to the whole venue.

    From the Ministry of great set guys, well done.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  2. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    great night. to be honest with y'all, i was kinda hoping cass was gonna spin by himself. no disrespect to mark, but the two have never played with eachother, and have different styles all together. great to bump into james, cheezwhiz, gizmo, coleridge, rohid, smackers, and anybody else i may have forgotten. big ups to mike greco for the guestlist. the sound in element continues to blow me away. every rolling bassline, every clapping hi hat, every vocal snippet can be heard clear as a blue sky. element has always been my favourite venue in this city, and it looks as though some big names are hitting the decks in the basement in the near future.

    james, i'm kinda surprised that it was your first time there (as element). mark oliver spinning trip hop, eh!

    cass is one tall ass muthafucka! :D

    danny howells down there would be sick! i'd pay thirty dolla for that.
  3. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    Damn, why has it been so long since I've been to Element? Last night just re-affirmed my opinion that Element is the best venue in the city. Vibe was great, the sound was THUNDEROUS, and the tunes were pumpin. What more could you ask for? I agree with Nesta, no disrespect to Mark cause he played really good stuff last night, but I was kind of hoping Cass would have played on his own for a bit. Cass is one crazy character. Tall and full of laughs. I'm glad to see such a good guy doing well for himself. I have to say I'm definetly gonna make an effort to get back to element sooner rather than later. Lets hope some more good headliners make surprise appearances there. Thanks to the 832 crew for taking care of me last night. I wouldn't have made it out without you guys. Great seeing Gizmo, John (smooth move getting rid of that annoying dancer, you da man!), James and Coleridge.
  4. Back in the day......

    It's funny, cause when I worked at Harbourfront, our camp staff socials were held there.

    No shit. He's a lot taller than I expected, and I'd be down with hitting up Element again sometime. Great spot.

    From the Ministry of nice.

    Prime Minister Highsteppa
  5. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    for what you dream of "cass @ element"

    cass dropped this track around 3:30 & had the place jumping around (including a smile from ear to ear on himself)...that seemed to be the theme of the evening, jumping around to some amazing tracks & smiling from ear to ear...the tune which samples "my definition, my definition is this" truly kickstarted the evening...the tunes were all funky & hard, with a sick breaks set thrown in around 4am for good measure...what a great venue for cass & total respect to mike for bringing him downstairs on a saturday night...

    as always the best part of any party is all the smiling faces...awesome as always to see steve, nesta, rick (this is becoming a habit :) ), james (many thanks for calling to let me know this was happening), matt (mr macho man savage), the wabi crew (fresh off their sick friday evening party), mr coleridge (i'm looking foward to hearing you open up for pappa & porter next weekend), giz, rohit, my uof t scarborough buddy (i promise to remember your name, but it will have to be next time --- see you at system this friday????)...good as always to be in element with mark spinning the tunes & thanks mike for another great memory...

    til next friday...jc

    ps quote of the night "it's always great to see you out having a good time...got some blow?" hahahaha

    pps it's only the end of february & i already have way to many parties which could make the party of the year...& it just gets crazier...can anyone say summer of love 2ohoh2???

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