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Cass @ Breathe !!!!


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Cass completely rocked the discotech!!!

It was 3 hours of tripped-out funky breakbeat and slamming 4/4 progressive beats that put Cass in the running with Steve Lawler and Oliver Lieb for the "Set of the Year" title here in Toronto.
The Quivver remix of "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" by The Culture Club had the crowd swaying back and forth, huge grins on their faces with their hands in the air.
All in all it was pretty damn sweet.
Brilliant music.


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I would have to say that I agree with you.
I did not see Oliver Lieb but I heard his set was really good as well. IMO Cass set has to take top honours. Weird, dark, hard trance with wicked breakbeats! - really cool IMO.

Track of the night for me: Luzon - Baguio Track - I know this has been played a lot but personally I have never heard it at wicked soundsystem.
Kudos to those organizing and seting up the line up over at system they really know their trance.


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Yes indeed, he rocked the place big time!!! I had high expectations going in there (I was actually upset with my high expectations, thinking 'how would he be able to come close?') and he met them.
It was another one of those nights when I couldn't pull myself away from the dancefloor (once again, the comparison to Lawler). I liked his style of mixing too... often bringing down the bass of the exiting for 4 beats before dropping the wicked basslines (that epitomize Cass IMO) of the next track. Fairly basic, but VERY effective.
I was, however, kind of surprised with his opening... I had the feeling he would start off with some very deep progressive, then switching to a breakbeat. Well no... he started off hammering out the breakbeats first. And, talking with him afterwards, he said he played about a dozen Fire Recordings (yet to be released) Something to look forward to

Also, he mentioned 'The Fallen' was just released (disappointed he didn't play it, but sooooo glad I can finally buy it now!)
Thanks once again Breathe for bringing in talent that is blowing away such educated listeners (as the majority of the Friday night crowd is becoming).
And Respect, as always, to Deko-ze for a wicked warm up set (never disappoints)



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For real Crouse...Dekoze is one of the best DJs i've ever heard...his warm up sets are becoming my Friday night tradition. Cass was wicked though.

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