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cass and chris fortier @ that place


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oui ou non?


i missed cass last time he was here so i mos def want to check him out this time. and i really hope he throws down those cass brand breaks i love ever so much. and if were really lucky it'll be something like the cass vs slide emix..yeah roight, that would go over well in a club :D

christ fortier...sneh don't know much, don't care much :p
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Originally posted by JayIsBored
christ fortier...sneh don't know much, don't care much :p

You're a stupid head, Chris Fortier is gooooooooood.

But yes, I shall also be attending :D Heres to hoping Cass drops lots of fouked up breaky proggy tunes. :D


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Kalemic, nice seeing you on Saturday. :)

Chris Fortier never did it for me. Sorry folks!

Cass - a different story. The man is bad ass!

I'll be there if Cass goes on first, say 12-3.

I gots to work in the morning. Boo hoo!
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Cass is the reason why I want to check this out. He did the Prologue CD which I found to be one of the best CD's released this year, for me. Looking forward to hearing the prog, trance, breaks that he's going to drop and most definitely looking forward to the new CD he's got coming our way in the spring. He's going to make for a wickedly different night.

Fortier is doing the next Bedrock CD and I'm looking forward to hearing his new sound, that I've heard a lot about. He hasn't necessarily turned his back on Trance so to speak, but he's toying with it a bit more I've found.

From the Ministry of there with Bells on. No doubt.

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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going by the wabi party, so i should be by a little later on (or earlier depending on how you look @ it :) ) ... about 50/50 right now, but it's only tuesday & i just finished 4 crazy days in a row so i'm sure it may tilt in favour by the time friday rolls around...

however mos def be there for steve porter & anthony pappa...

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Originally posted by Cheeka
maybe if I get back to toronto in time :)

you better run like the wind! :D

and nesta i hope so as well, or else im only going to see about an hour of cass and that just ain't enough dammit


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Originally posted by Nesta

Chris Fortier is going to be playing 12 - 3.
Cass will be playing 3 - 7.

Why do they always put the DJ that everyone's out to see at times when a lot of people can't see them?
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