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cash for guns


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Crime Stoppers offers cash for guns


Crime Stoppers kicked off a guns-for-cash program this morning as part of its attempt to get illegal handguns off the streets of Toronto.

The $500,000 multi-media campaign will include radio and billboard ads as well as a $500 cash reward offered to anybody who turns in someone who owns an illegal gun.

Radio ads and provocative billboards will be placed around the city advertising the guns-for-cash campaign that is using as its model a program carried out with some success by Scotland Yard in London, England.

Crime Stoppers officials say the ads are aimed at a mother who knows her son has an illegal gun or a little boy knows his big brother is hiding a gun under his bed.

The officials were joined at police headquarters by police chief Bill Blair, Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant and Andrew Simon, creative director of DDB Canada, the advertising firm that produced the ad campaign.

Three billboard designs were displayed, one showing an oversized handgun under a mattress, another in a dumpster and another sticking out of the trunk of a car.

The caption underneath reads: "Your tips make them easier to find."

The electronic media and print campaign for the month is being donated by various business groups around the city.

The billboards will start appearing in bus shelters, on subway platforms and other city locations, many targeted for the Jane-Finch area, which has been the hotbed for much of the gun violence.

Of 61 homicides this year in Toronto, 41 have been carried out by guns.

No one at the press conference could say how many illegal guns are out there, and Crime Stoppers officials didn't have any estimated for how many guns will be turned in.

One, they say, will be enough if it saves a life.

Chief Blair said he thinks the program is significant even though a reporter questioned whether a hardened criminal will snitch on a gang member for a $500 reward.

"I believe the financial incentive that's offered can induce some people to do the right thing," Blair said, "but I believe the overwhelming majority of people in this city want to do what's right and they want their communities to be safe."

The program could find success even though similar programs in the U.S. have shown only "mixed results," said Wendy Cukier, professor of Criminal Justice at Ryerson University and president of the Coalition for Gun Control.

She said amnesty programs in which people can turn in their guns and walk away have tended to turn up "the old .22 in someone's basement" rather than guns used in homicides, she said.

However, she said, gun buybacks have more chance of success.

The amount, $500, is "actually a lot of money," Cukier said. "That's more of an incentive than if no reward were made available."

She said that the program won't see a lot of gang members turning their guns in for cash. But people who know gang members may place the call.

"The focus is not gang members themselves but the people who may have knowledge but who have been afraid or unwilling to come forward," she said.

Cukier, who has a book coming out called Global Gun Epidemic, doesn't think there is a big increase in illegal guns in the city.

One of the best indicators of how many illegal guns are in the city is the gun-crime rate and that has been relatively stable over the past few years, Cukier said, except for this year's increase.

She said there are about 3,000 guns reported stolen every year and about 1,500 guns seized at the border every year. "But obviously, this is the tip of the iceberg," she said.



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Originally posted by janiecakes
as well as a $500 cash reward offered to anybody who turns in someone who owns an illegal gun.
If you rat on somebody like this you'd better hope they don't have another gun.


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Re: Re: cash for guns

Originally posted by Bumbaclat
If you rat on somebody like this you'd better hope they don't have another gun.
500 bucks is barely enough to cover the cost of a plane ticket, most essential after narcing out a gun toting hooligan.


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So, they've got half a million spent on an ad campaign and have no idea how many guns are out there... but let's just say they scrape the "tip of the iceberg" and collect 3000 illegal guns. At 500 a pop that's another million and a half.

How many gun- toting gangsters do you think are out there? I bet $two million worth of social programs would go farther than a "rat out your neighbour so you've got yet another enemy on the hit list" program.

It's a stupid idea and a cop-out to make it look like they're doing something productive, while not improving the situation at all, perhaps even making it worse.
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not to sound stupid, but what about chasing the manufacturers of said guns? Are they that powerful?


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Originally posted by annec
not to sound stupid, but what about chasing the manufacturers of said guns? Are they that powerful?
you go bug somebody that has warehouses full of guns. you crazy!

The Kid

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This is a great idea... yeah it will cost some money but it means getting guns off the streets... I applaud this effort - similar to what they did in the UK and guess what, it worked.
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