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My favorite snack, currently, is baby carrots. Which by the way are NOT immature carrots. They are actually just thin carrots that they cut and prepare for ready to eat packaging.


Yesterday, I ate a whole bag! And I was wondering if you can eat too many carrots. Will I turn orange? Is it possible?

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Remember in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory how Violet actually turned violet? That's what's gonna happen to you, except orange.



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Originally posted by vench
my dogs like eating carrots.


Funny. In my carrot eating frenzy last night, I tried to feed some carrots to Bailey....she kinda nibbled on them for awhile and then just left them on the couch....then I picked them up, showed them to her, and she started chewing them again. Then she wanted more.

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i thin kwe talked about it in health and nutriton class
(well to much vit c anyways)

you'd prolly have to eat like 74 bags of those carrots before something ill happened Mya... :D