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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from slacking?


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The key to every slackers success can be summed up in two words:

Alt + Tab

I literally sit with my hand (specifically my thumb and index fingers almost constantly on those keys) in this position for most of my day.

I have been doing this for at least two years now.

What has been happening slowly but surely now is that I have a sharp pain on the top of my left hand (the alt+tab hand). It's very specifically located in the centre of my hand in between the bones that are connected to my index and middle finger.

The pain is most intense when my hand is in the alt+tab position.

Has my slacking finally taken its toll? Is there anything I can do to make this better? Anyone else suffering from precisely the same thing?
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Ask Sporty Dan about this problem.

Percocet is the answer.

When the percocet begins to slow your work performance, you then add ritalin to the mix.

When this makes you too wired, you get a very bright blue LCD to keep you on track.

It seems to work for him.




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My mom had bad carpal tunnel sysndrome and had to have an operation to aleviate the pressure. When I got my first computer job I got mild carpal tunnel syndrome and had to work my forearms and get a gel pad.

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