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Carola @ Footwork - Sept 4, 2010


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Finally found my brain again after this insane party! Got to Footwork at 10:30 as I knew there would be a massive lineup. Basically walked right in without trouble.

Simina Grigoriu was playing and her sound was decent. She played some Technoish kinda stuff very similar to Kalkbrener. One thing that kinda sucks about opening slot at Footy is that they tend to havea the sound system on quite low. You really don't get the full experience of the first dj unless you're right at the front.

The Junkies followed and you know what to expect if you are familiar with them. Harder edge house and tech-house with a bit of techno influence for good measure. Nice set but I think it could have be a little bit more uplifting working into Carola.

At about 1:30 Carola came on and absolutely killed the place. If it werent form him I probably would have left much earlier as it was very hard to dance and the temperature was super hot throughout. Marco's set was very moody as he went from house to tech-house to techno. He truely is a master of what he does! Seemless mixes from one genre to the next, and from track to track.

My gf and I ended up staying very close to 5 am. I havent seen that many happy faces at this club in a while. The only thing that could have made it better was having it in a larger size venue because they had twice the capacity standing in line waiting.

Hopefully someone will get smart and bring him back next year to an outdoor venue or something bigger!

dig this

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Had a great time myself... Got in around 1:30 & stayed till 4ish...

Most of his tracks were amazing, but had too many build-ups for my liking. Could have used for more of a consistent rhythm.

Aside from being insanely hot & packed, there were also at least 90% dudes in there. Why are the ladies scared of techno?

All in all a fun night, but it's gonna be a while before I'm back at Footy.


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ya no kidding - i just couldn't BELIEVE how packed it was. Usually thats a dealbreaker but Carola's groove had me forgetting that he was so good!