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Carol Pope - All Touch(Hatiras Mix)


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Alright, where the hell can I get a copy of this? I am like the only person I know that loves it of my friends that hasn't tracked down a copy. HELP ME FIND ONE!!!



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it was hyped @ WMC and released in the summer on bug eyed...

play de prolly has it deep in thier crates if you can't get it anywhere on here from someone..


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You mean Fix 013 right?


I have it.

Respect to all the peeps involved in the project but I hate the f'in thing. I played it out once and have it stashed in my closet.

I don't know what fair price is for 'used' records but I'll give it to you if you buy me a drink. No joke. I plan on going to see Donald Glaude @ System, and will prolly end up going out Friday night somwhere too lol.

You can PM me and we can hook up sometime. Don't worry, it's not going anywhere, I won't sell it or anything. I like the jacket art though.

Sometimes I just can't leave the store without buying at LEAST one record. It's a friggin' disorder I tell ya.

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