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Carlo Lio - Tinker Podcast

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Zoiders, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Zoiders

    Zoiders TRIBE Member


    Last week was our First Birthday!!! 12 months of the Tinker Podcast, and what a year its been. With International DJs appearing on the podcast, getting number 1 in the German and Dutch podcast music chart and being consistently in the top 15 of the Podomatic charts.

    A Big thank you to all the listeners, I started off with just 25 listeners a week now its grown to 2800 a day!! Its completely mental!! So a BIG BIG Thank You for all your support.

    To celebrate our first Birthday we have a very special guest set from Carlo Lio, 97 minutes of pure tech. After that we have the last half hour of one of my sets recorded in Singapore.

    Direct Download
    Tinker Podcast

    Unfortunately we don't have a tracklisting for Carlo Lio's Set, but I do however have a tracklisting for the last 30 minutes of the podcast.

    01. DJ Sneak - Found Away (Monoman Remix)
    02. El Mundo and Satori - Cafe Latte
    03. Iberican Sound, DJ Wady - Rayzil Project (Mangu Mix)
    04. Oliver Klein and Kolombo - Chica Chic (Loko Remix)
    05. Mladen Tomic - Before Sunset
    06. Matteo Milleri Karm - Grubjo (Original Mix)
    07. Danny Serrano & Hector Couto - Sweet haney (Original Mix)
    08. ALCA - Calling Africa (JASC Remix)
    09. Carlo Lio, The Junkies - Go Ahead Listen
    10. Noidoi - Deeper Underground
    11. Strict Border - Animal Hunt (Original Mix)
    12. Pirupa - Whatever girl (Original Mix)
    13. Okain Hermanez - Buds Bomber

    I hope you this episode from one of Canada's best tech/techno artists.

    Cheers Ears

    Tinks x

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