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Carl Craig


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set times?

I really wan't to hear ya Sarah but I'm going to harvest the next day so I might sleep until 4 ish and then come out.


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Originally posted by OhNo!
wrong choice of locals to play this event.

no offense,but they just don't compliment Craigs sound.
well i think that Carl Craig is very elclectic going from jazz to techy stuff - as long as there is no trance or really hard shit. the line-up is fine - but it also sounds like this night is going for an eclectic sound anyway to try and draw other crowds.

No worry if the djs train wreck they would def. compliment his style :p

perhaps a few more people could fit onto the bill...
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Residents open and close for headliners all the time without playing the exact same type of music and it goes over very well. Not sure why this will be any different. Not many people want to listen to 6+ hours of the same thing anyways.

One of the goals of the night is to expose each end of the techno spectrum and everything in between.
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i guess i just like a little continuity in events i attend.

also it doesn't have to be 6+ hours of the same shit to have flow and for it to compliment each other.

i respect the locals on the bill 100%, as i always have supported the local scene.

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What time do the headliners usually come on at Boa? Anyone? Is it usually more around 1, or 4 am? Haven't had the chance to hit the club yet. But I'll be there on Friday full force.


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typically, headliners come on between 3:00 and 5:00

set times, as posted by Boa:

CARL CRAIG 3:00 am - 6:00 am
The Dukes 1:00 am - 3:00 am
Sarah Mixington 6:00 am - close
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I think I am going to sit this event out. Need to save some loot as I literally am in my last stance of even living in the T dot Hoe.