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CARL COX -tonic

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ~Loress~, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    wow...worth every penny is all i can say!

    I have never seen Tonic that packed before...ever.... which sux ass cuz i like my space to dance (flying elbows)... Stretch&Hooker warmed things up nicely... then Carl hit the decks and tore that place down!! Wicked track selection, nice mixing... I was very impressed (it was my first time seeing him live, i was skeptical cuz his live cd at Crowbar sucks ass *coff*trainwrecks*coff* It was nice and HARD from about 1am-3am, then his last hour just bored me...he was done. None the less....great nite! It was nice seeing a whole bunch of people i havent see in ages... WORD to Suke for reprezentin "DangerhOuse" stylez...and scoring guest list for next weeks event -BARRY MUTHERFUKIN WEAVER!!!! :D (tonite was just the warm up...its all about next wed) ;)

    ~Lori <----gunna be hurtin tomorrow
  2. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    damn, I would have liked to have seen this but I couldn't hack it.

  3. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    bah... sucks to working at 7am all week, otherwise i could have gone. All you students... *shakes cane*

  4. elektrofunk

    elektrofunk TRIBE Member

    can't believe i sacrficed this night for an 8am class

  5. solacevip

    solacevip TRIBE Promoter

    Da Black Superman Returns

    Just a quick post on the board seeing as I am all showered and shaved after a night of partying. Geeze...my head hurts. Is the pounding from the speakers last night? ....or is it from the 231 beers that I consumed. Ok...so I am exaggerating.

    What can I say? Other than it was a fantabulous night. I haven't been to Tonic is a while on a Wednesday night. Visions started to penetrate my head on how this night used to rock the city from it's foundation. I actually was thinking about not coming to see Mr. Cox.........but then I remembered the party at Turbo a while back. That momentous occasion brought me out from being a lurker on the board to posting a review of that night.

    So...time has passed and the Black Superman has returned.

    I bought my ticket from ticketmaster just to be sure. I heard that at the door, $20 was the continual going rate for the rest of the evening. Mad props to the staff if they didn't jack the price up during the night.

    Tonic was decorated as usual with tons of disco balls and visuals thanks to Benson and Hedges. Streatch and Hooker warmed it up and it was ok. During the set I was busy meeting folks who I haven't seen in what seems like a while.

    When Cox hit the decks it was over. Sure, maybe it wasn't the best set I've heard him play. Maybe the room was not set up as I would like it to be. Can't say I'm a fan of the DJ being up in the DJ booth either. The sound in Tonic sucks ass....especially in the corners of the venue. All that aside....I still found time to have some big belly laughs at the aural massage coming through the speaker. It is something to behold when you are able to see on of the worlds top DJ's in your own city. It is also so good to see Toronto represent.....(wait a sec...it's only Wed...don't these people have jobs?).

    It seemed that the first few tracks were sort of to figure out the dynamics of the room. The first big of his set seemed a bit slow......

    And then....

    Pumpin' Pumpin' PUMPIN! Shake whatcha momma gave ya! His mixes were effortless. Layers upon layers upon layers of beats. I love seeing my peoples shout and scream with delight as each track was delivered - hardcore. I then realized that my criticisms earlier on in the night were now pushed to the wayside as the familiar feelings of muscle strain started to slow down my body......but the rest of the party was still going strong.

    Muscle strain = jacking too hard to the beats + Carl Cox spinning

    Looks like Mr. Superman was having a great time as well....often shouting between tracks on the mic with his heavy British accent. What the fuck is he saying? It doesn't really matter......just keep yo ass movin.

    Mad props goes out to Par-T who was able to make it out. Hey, it wasn't ALL THAT....but seeing you was a good treat! Shout outs to Suke who said, "Yo man, I'm just getting my coat now so as to avoid the mad rush at the end!" Spoken like a seasoned veteran. And I've already forgotten this fine female's name....is it "Loress"?....the thread starter? Are you the one with the curls? Damn can this girl boogie!

    All in all.... I left feeling connected to the music, the scene, good people, and the DJ. The friendly vibe was in fine form. Folks were smiling and happy. I spoke to this dude from Detroit and he couldn't believe Toronto's energy. He expressed how envious he was of the T.O. and how we do it up here.

    And did it we did!

    Off to Amsterdam for a week......

    Peace Party People :D
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just woke up and I am in a lot of Pain!
    Last night Wow!
    I have seen Carl Cox 6 times and usually when he plays T.O. he just isn't into it, like he was when I saw him in Montreal and Ibiza.
    But last night the man was dancing, smiling, and chearing on the crowd it was awesome to see how he got the crowd into it.
    Stretch & Hooker started off really hard so when Carl came on and the level went down the crowd around the Dj booth started screaming harder harder. Like any good Dj he picked it up and had me dancing all night.
    The crowd was something else too reminded me of those old techno nights at industry. You had everyone there which was so good to see. You had the coke & stripper crowd, ginos, rockers, ravers, the college crowd even people in suits.
    It was so good to see everyone come together for the love of music it was awesome everyone was loving it. This is one of the best parties of the year.
    I wish parties were like that all the time.
  7. Access

    Access TRIBE Member

    damn, that was a wicked night.

    it was my first time checking out tonic and my first time seeing Carl Cox. When we got there it was nice to see that buying advance tickets actually paid off by getting to go through the really short line. THe security was friendly, and i liked those Carl Cox masks they gave us. The people i met there were friendly all night, stretch and hooker warmed it up and closed it out very nicely. No complaints at all.

    And then there was Carl Cox... He definaltely proved himself to be one of the best djs in the world. He totally moved with the crowd. THis guy was completely into it, he'd only break his concentration when grabbing the next record from the box. He was just unrelentless with his nice hard beats and dirty basslines. I loved it. And the way that he'd use all 3 decks to the fullest was amazing too, throwing in scratches before a big drop, and sampling something in for a little while.

    a review describing how good he was doesn't do him justice, you would have had too seen him for yourself and experianced Cox's set. Carl Cox, a friendly crowd and a good vibe made this night for me. Wicked, that's all i can say.
  8. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    Wow, Carl Cox on a Wednesday, such a treat!!!! Place was rammed, but not as bad as I was prepared for.

    Managed to stay until almost 4am, and pulled a move so I could come into work by 10:30.

    So much fun....Coxy is amazing, always so much energy, and you never really know what to expect from him, he plays so many different styles. He was excited, the crowd was rocking, the music was overall great....well worth the pain of today.

    It's never ideal to party mid-week, but there were definitely a lot of people who were going full out...and taking Thursday off. I wish he was here on a weekend!

    Awesome time, great crowd (did you see how hot some of those girls were????) and a special night to see the man.

    What were those Carl Cox face masks about? Did they expect us to wear them? Fun nonetheless, I guess.

    TheVibe <---------still tipsy at work, but thus far, nobody has noticed!
  9. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    *In a British accent*, Carl Cooooooox!!!

    I love this guy. He is always spot on and brings energy to the decks like no other DJ. Big, bouncing around, pumping his fists, smiling, shouting out to the crowd... I love it. Not to mention that he always throws down high energy sets with tracks that you've probably never heard spun before in clubs. I don't really remember recognizing too many tracks, off the top of my head he threw down some Green Velvet at the beginning while he was feeling out the crowd. But that was him just warming up. It didn't get him long to have the crowd losing thier shit. Carl Cox is in a class of his own.

    I just wish he didn't come on a Wednesday, I had to pull off an excuse this morning with work and couldn't go as hard as I would like to. Last year I also had to pull moves becuase he was here on a Thursday. Please next time bring him in on the weekend. That being said, Tonic was RAMMED. Almost too much for my liking. I had to chill out for the first couple of hours VIP style becuase the dance floor was way too nuts. The fact that it was rammed and on a Wednesday also speaks volumes to the respect that the big man gets around here. He seemed to be enjoying himself and the crowd was definitely into it....Respect.

    Crowd was nice. As Pest mentioned, an ecclectic mix of people from all walks of life. As I like to classify it, on weekdays you get that 'retail' crowd of good looking (I don't have to wake up too early) people. Lots of tasty chicks and good looking guys. Much love.

    To further elaborate on what Pest said, what we witnessed last night is nothing compared to what I have seen Carl Cox do in Ibiza. I caught him 3 times there last summer and all I can say is WOW. Give him a bit more time to spin and you start getting some more housey and tribal elements into his set. Slap that on top of the usual uptempo hard beats and loops that he pumps and he will have you cheering and wanting more for hours. Last night we got a little taste of what is capable of doing to a dance floor and crowd. It's really a shame he spends so much time in Europe rather than come over here more often. But now some of you have a better understanding why Coxy is so adored overseas. He's the man.

    It was nice to see and meet some TBK last night. I met Alex D for the first time and had a nice little chat with him. Good guy. Suke, what up man, nice to meet you. LiquidFairy, nice to meet you as well didn't get much of a dance in, but maybe next time. Nesta, I don't see your ass often enough, we should chill and blaze one soon fuck. Loress, I did see you, but didn't come up and introduce myself, next time I will. Keep shaking that ass girl.

    What up to my boy theVibe, happy birthday once again brother. Sorry I busted out 3am styles on you and the C dot. I need to keep the energy level high enough to STA later on. ;)

    I was very hyped to get the Danny Howells and Tom Stephan flyer upon my exit - Superchumbo is coming soon guys don't miss this one!!!

    One love,
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I saw him at Pacha on his birthday last summer where did you see him in Ibiza. In Ibiza he was just incredible had me and the crowd going for hours. and Pacha Pacha Pacha what else do I have to say. I can't wait till this summer!
  11. enjay

    enjay TRIBE Member

    Wow, Stretch and Hooker really suck........... ( no offence)I swear I heard the sametune over and over and the had no vibe. They have no programming skills what so ever..... anyways I am one not to complain but the place was 2 packed and full of sketchey Ginos but hey, thats what you get when you bring someone as big as Mr.Cox. The sound system sucked. Where were the mids and highs..........

    Now let me say CARL muthafucken COX is the king........ With the first 2 tunes he played he totally changed thye vibe. I'm glad to see Carl in a very good mood and it was a real treat to hear him get on the mic and get the crowd going......

    all in all it was an allright night. to bad the ginos had to come.
  12. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    I saw him on the Terrace at Space where he spun before Steve Lawler and Sasha. INSANE!!!

    I saw him at Mambo Cafe doing an 'impromptu' set before he spun his night that at Renaissance.

    I saw him again later that night at the Renaissance opening party at Privilege when he spun after Dave Seaman. The set he threw down was epic. With the sun rising behind him as he dropped dirty track after dirty track, I was losing my shit. I was actually just chilling along the bridge/railing on the side grooving to his beats at one point. I swear he looked over at me a couple of times, smiled and pumped his fists at me. That set and party stand out as being one of the best I have been to ever in my life.

    I am going back this summer for my third time, fo sho'. We should chat about when you are going, maybe we'll be there at the same time. Send me a message and we can chat about it, we should also hook up at some point as we once said we were going to way back when you first joined the board.

    Seeing him at Pacha must have been nuts. NUTS!!! Pacha is my favorite club in Ibiza and maybe the World (next to Space of course). It is one slick place. Not too big, not too small, very well decorated and appointed and they always have a wicked crowd all the time. Crowd is the right blend of Europeans (lots of Spaniards and not too many Brits) and North Americans. I love it.

    Take it easy,
  13. ~Loress~

    ~Loress~ TRIBE Member

    Re: Da Black Superman Returns

    Thanks! :D You aint so bad yourself...a pleasure seeing you again!

    I live by one simple rule : JUST SHAKE WHATCHA MOMMA GAVE YOU!!!!

    Have a wicked trip.....im sooooooo jealous!!!! :)

  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I can't believe I missed this!!!!!!!!1

    FUCK ME!

    I was sooooo looking forward to seeing carl cox again, but my bank card wouldn't work so I couldn't go.

    sucks to be me..... hopefully he'll be back soon, otherwise I'll have to go on another road trip to see him. I have yet to see him play in Toronto.

    anyway..... poop!
  15. enjay

    enjay TRIBE Member

    Wow, Stretch and Hooker really suck........... ( no offence)I swear I heard the sametune over and over and the had no vibe. They have no programming skills what so ever..... anyways I am one not to complain but the place was 2 packed and full of sketchey Ginos but hey, thats what you get when you bring someone as big as Mr.Cox. The sound system sucked. Where were the mids and highs..........

    Now let me say CARL muthafucken COX is the king........ With the first 2 tunes he played he totally changed thye vibe. I'm glad to see Carl in a very good mood and it was a real treat to hear him get on the mic and get the crowd going......

    all in all it was an allright night. to bad the ginos had to come.
  16. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    me too!!! possibly because of the total lack of funds in it. ;)

  17. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    wow i'll say one thing i've never had a such a complete change of heart in a party before

    doubted i was going to go in the first place because i didn't buy advance ticks but took a chance and was pleasantly surprised since i actually saved money by noy having to pay ticket masters $4.75 service charge

    got there at around 11 to find a long line of people with no tickets but to my surprise the line was actually moving!

    got in and though it was still early the place was PACKED! it was also done up in benson and hedges fashion and to be honest it looked more like a bunch of people that wanted to smooze than to party. anyways i tried to find a spot to dance but people just kept pushing me out of the way. i'll admit stretch and hooker were in no way making me feel like busting a move but maybe it was a really bad night for them.

    hi to loress who i met briefly. it was good seeing par-t though it took me a while to recognize you. alexd you must think i'm a total sketch with all my ramblings about the board but their true. props out to suke who spoke the truth when he said, "everyone's saving their energy for cox."- i'll try to be there for weaver next week.

    and what a change, once cox came on it was like everyone put on magical dancing shoes. there were smiling faces from everyone in the crowd and though the amount of non party people was a turn off at first i was glad to see amazing music bring such a diverse crowd together. cox played a hard set that was honestly seamless. i didn't recognize a lot of the tracks, but i could tell that he definitely has technical skills and knows how to cater to a crowd. not as funky as the set he played at area one, but somehow more sophisticated, if you know what i mean....

    the back room was where i finally found my solace, cool people, seats, room to dance and thanks to a screen projected on the wall i could see cox as well. i didn't quite make into work on time but a really amazing night out for a wednesday night or any night for that matter
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The funniest thing was when I handed Carl a napkin that said Work That Mother Fucker!
    He was laughing his ass off too bad he didn't play it.
  19. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    who are you? enjay = nicole. nicole wasn't even there last night. she's in new york.

    anyway, i thought stretch and hooker played a wicked set. these two guys work very hard, and deserve all the success in the world. respect!

    carl cox, what!? great set. not as good as turbo last year, but great none the less. he played at least 2 tracks off of marco carola's 'open system'. the last track he played had this deep electro tech vibe to it. very cool. i thought the sound was pretty good. there were some real rude motherfuckers pushing their way through the crowd, but that didn't get to me. it's all about the positive vibes. then again, i met a shit load of really cool peeps. there must have been at least 50 local toronto djs in the crowd, if not more.

    my goodness, some beautiful looking women there last night.

    respect goes out to my partners in crime, suke and ryan, holding it down proper.

    what a wicked party! pure vibes!

    par-t and thierry, nice to see you guys! :)
  20. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    re: napkin request

    maybe he didn't play it because he hasn't had that record in his crate since it first came out (what was it? 88?? steve poindexter?)

    still an all time fave of mine as well :D

  21. andrew72

    andrew72 TRIBE Member

    will my tickets be collectors items

    After reading all the posts I am even more depressed that I missed the show last night. I was looking forward to seeing Carl Cox for months. But family comes first and now I have four unused tickets. I am hoping I will be able to see Mr Cox when I fly to Ibiza this summer....I am glad everyone had fun :)

    take care
  22. me

    me TRIBE Member

    I dunno but it seems to be a weakass slag towards S+H (who are helping bring in talent on Wednesdays) and the club. see: "sketchy ginos", "sound system sucked". I'm totally for open opinions, but after reading Nesta's comments, this one seems a little shady.
    WHERE'S THE BEEF?---------------------->Old BK lady '83?
  23. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member


    Respect! to stretchandhooker who threw down "Dancin'" - Chicago Connection. The place was jumpin' when that track came on. The Brothers Brothers mos def threw down a nice tech house set last night. It was WicKed to finally meet you guys.

    "Coxy" was o.k.. His set last year at Turbo was much better though. Too bad about the crowdedness. I can't believe only one person mentioned the skins inside the arena. Shazz ... schoolgirls, fiction girls, implant girls, etc.

    Cox's set went outta wack for a while there and it just turned me off. Hopefully next week it will be busy but not as busy. Only for the heads. That reminds me ... Thanks to starr for letting me know Barry "DIAL 911" Weaver is playing next week.

    I don't ususally do this but ... shouts to:

    dimpy ... next week. Big Up Your Chest.
    Loress ... double fisting-4-LiFe
    Magical White Isle ... back row crew. Not Safe! ;)
    Par-T ... still goin' strong
    Deacon ... I'll have to see about WMC ... "*lol*"
    alexd ... creepin'
    Nesta and Ryan ... BO!
    stretchandhooker ... Safe! set
    starr ... thanks for the Weaver info.
    solacevip ... mack daddy straight no chaser!

    "Coxy" was alright. No complaints.

    ATM-4-LiFe ==========================> Suke.
  24. stretchandhooker

    stretchandhooker TRIBE Promoter

    whew !

    Thanks to all those came out and supported the man like Carl Cox !
    Carl had a fantastic time, and was overwhelmed by the response!
    Enjay sorry were not up to your expectations, it is a tough task keeping a crowd like that at bay for so long !( carl went on 1/2 hour late)
    As opening Dj's you have to make sure you "warm up " the crowd ,
    and not "wear out" the dancefloor before the headliner, purely out of respect!
    Pure Class Toronto !
    p.s. - Look out for BARRY WEAVER NEXT WED March 13th !
  25. Par- T

    Par- T TRIBE Member

    C.C. in da house !!

    Well I decided to take the plunge and try checking out Carl Cox at Tonic even though I didn't have a ticket, got there as early as I could and surprisingly got inside in about 15min. Only cost $20 too, no service charges!

    Was expecting it to be rammed and there was no surprise with that, barely any room to move right from the start and only got worse the later it got. ME being prevented from dancing is so not a good thing, I tried all over the club but there was no space. I can't even count the number of times I was elbowed, kicked, banged, grrrr...

    Anyway, Stretch & Hooker were doin' ok while building up well for the main event, dropped some good tracks to get the crowd in gear.
    The big CC was up next and I was ready to be assaulted with cool beats, amazing tracks and mixing. That wasn't what I got though, the first part of his set (aprox. 1 hour) was just an assault with bass and nothing but bass, not at all the pure joy he let loose a year ago - I could barely even tell he played La La Land! Beats are fine but a little more is required to keep some interest and mine was quickly leaving - I even considered doing the same.
    Had I wasted my money? Umm ... NO, halfway through everything changed, he stopped the Bass Barrage and let it loose like I know he can. With the groove found and my spirits lifted, nothing left to do but attempt to dance and enjoy the night. Lots of good tracks, some I've heard some not, but exactly what I wanted.
    Left a 4:15am with the party still going, didn't want to but with work today I had no choice.

    Good to see so many people out: Susan (always fantastic), Alex, Suke, Solace (yes I made it, great to see you too, you're going to Amsterdam you lucky dog?!), Lori, Nestor, Starr and Dimpy (sorry I didn't recognize you either, was it you I was talking to breifly in line outside?).

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