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Carl Cox @ Aria


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Was in Montreal for the weekend and we decided to check out Carl Cox at Aria on Saturday night!!

This was my first time in Montreal and at Aria. I was not disappointed. Montreal Rocks!!

For those that have never been to Aria, the place doesn't open until 1:30 or something. We got there at about 2ish... not sure who was playing the opening set but he was off the hook.

Cox came on at about 4 i think (didn't have my watch) and he was absolutely incredible. Had me dancing the whole time i was there. It was kinda hard to find room to dance in that place but it was still great to party somewhere different.

All in all, Carl Cox was awesome!! I wish we could've stayed longer but we had to get back to the hotel and catch a few zzz's before trying to drive back to Toronto.

While i was in montreal I even started to remember a bunch of french from grade school. I was still far from being able to speak it though.
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What long weekend would be complete without a super-party to celebrate! So my planned weekend to Montreal with the Magical White Isle and my girlfriend was made all that much more appealing when we found out Carl Cox was playing at Aria.

After a normal night of partying we left our initial location of Time Supper Club (where we managed to polish off a 40oz of vodka between a small group) shortly after 2am, did a quick change, and were waiting in a big line by 2:50am. One thing is for sure, the bouncers in Montreal are way more CHILL and EFFICIENT than here...we were passed security (light pat down) and in the club within 15 minutes, after the 50 people in front were let in.

ARIA was RAMMED and HOT, a situation which lasted throughout the whole night. The new set-up is great, with an accessable area behind and slightly above the DJ for prime viewing access. I found myself waiting impatiently until about 4:30am when Coxy came on...a good hour after I'd hoped to see him. I guess I am too used to the Toronto set times/club times. Anyhow, he came on to a super excited crowd and got right into his set.

I stayed unit about 7:30am when I'd reached my end (I think the party went until 10:00am), partly from the heat and crowd (which hadn't dissipated one bit) and partly from not being totally into his set. I was reminded that Montrealers really LOVE harder beats. Coxy's set was in this style completely, banging, hard edged house. Sometimes deeper, sometimes lighter, but always hard. The only two tracks I recall with any meaningful vocals were a hard re-mix of that Tim Deluxe hit from last summer (It just won't do?) and Cox's own "Dirty Bass". If there were others, they were few and far between.

From what I heard from both clubbers that night and the following day, they LOVED him. It was just not my style, or at least not what I was in the mood for. I should have expected that he wasn't going to play a Space Ibiza Terrace-style set, or even a System Soundbar-style set for that matter.

Overall, a fun night, but I missed partying in T.O.!