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Caring for your non-stick frying pan.

Subsonic Chronic

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K, I've never had one's non-stick abilities last more than a year, and it's because I'm terrible with them. So I just want to figure out everything I need to do so that the non-stick properties of the pan last longer than the 6 months they've been lasting me lately. ;)

- Don't expose it to extreme temperature fluctuations (ie: don't rinse it with cold water when it's hot)

- Don't cook steak, bacon, and stuff like that with it.

- Don't use high heat on it.

- No need to soak it when washing it.

- Don't use any metal utensils on it.

Am I missing anything?
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laminate it and never remove it from the rack or cupboard

Seriously cook whatever you want on it at whatever temp you want. Just don't use metal utensils and protect it from other pans (bullies they are). I have a couple of pans at least 3 years old and they look good as new.


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non stick in our house survives through everything...

i'd say the only think on your point-form list i wuold be wary of is the metal utensils.

avoid those and you should be okay.

I cook everything on nonstick.

wipe clean with a papertowel usually. heh


NONSTIK ROOOLS! i'd love to have a lamborghini with a completely teflon treated body... damn thing would be faster than greased lightning.
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I'm going to feed you all Fargo styles through my Juiceman

Then drink your delicious nourishing nectar
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I have two square foot sheets of teflon

Sometimes I duct tape them together and slide down staircases with them

The stairs are bumpy but pain is the cleanser
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