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Care Bears Countdown..


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They're BACK with a vengeance!
I've decided that they are my life. And that the Care Bears represent something so complex that there are not human words to describe their impact on life and nature.
Hugs, people. Just hugs.

Who's yer favourite?

I saw Faggot Bear at Hallmark Cards the other day. Steve was like "oh look, it's Gay Pride Bear!"
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Underrated bears that never really made it into the spotlight..

Harmony Bear who was exiled to Greenland for not sharing her BBQ chips at recess.

Surprise Bear was arrested for surprising someone by eating their arm off.

Take Care Bear was sent back to rehab after she escaped.

Faggot Bear lives in Chelsea with his cub bearfriend.

Forest Friend Bear just never had it in him.
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terrawrist III

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listen to RAM trilogy's MAPS...sounds like a no-heart sample:D

I HATED shreeky...beastly I could handle....

wait, I just admitted in not so many words that I tune in sometimes...Oh dear;)


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Originally posted by MoFo
I saw Faggot Bear at Hallmark Cards the other day. Steve was like "oh look, it's Gay Pride Bear!"

you had to mention that we we're shopping for gay care bears...


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Excuse me but I wanted to mention that I wasn't the one who pointed it out to be Faggot Bear.
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i love sunshine bear.

i bought one last year when they first came out. I wish the had the care bear cousins and lionheart.


And yes i am being 100% serious I LOVE THEM!

The Tesseract

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I wasn't aware that a gay man could get any more gay...
Übergay if you will.


Carebears... ahhh bad attempt on the part of hippies to brainwash the children of the 80s


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Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S
The Care Bears is such a piece of shit cartoon when you actually watch it now.

SO not true.

The exercise one was great where they did the health show.

And the movie, Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins is STILL classic.


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Oh, the Muppets rock too.

Care Bears.

I could spend my entire life immersed in these three in a little room.
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