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Car stereos


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Hi all,

Lookign to see if someone can point me in the right direction. Partner just got a 2013 BMW 300xi and is looking to replace car stereo. I have searched and searched but am finding it quite difficult to find a replacement deck or the specs on the speakers. Does anyone know someone who specializes in car audio who can lend some advice to decks, doing the install, ISNT futureshop or bestbuy, and just generally help us to get his stereo beefed up?

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what is he looking to do, replacing the deck may not be the smartest way to go and I'm surprised that on the 2013 BMW you would even need to consider replacing.

if he want's more "bass" then he should look at a quality amp and sub.
I would recommend looking at Focal, JL audio and visiting a specialty stereo shop that can give him some advice.

having said Focal it will give you quality without sacrificing space
JL will give you more bass

on that car if he does decide to replace the stereo he's probably looking at a 2din unit


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Partner just got a 2013 BMW 300xi and is looking to replace car stereo.

What's a 300xi?

Seriously though, I wouldn't touch that in a new BMW... the audio system is integrated into the overall CIC system so its not as easy as just swapping out the deck. Adding a small amp/sub to the system is easier as you can tap into the wiring in the trunk (amp located in trunk) but again you'll want to find a professional audio installer with experience working with current BMWs.

Good luck.