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car stereo installations / tinting


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Anyone know of a good place to get some car stereo equipment installed?

I need to get an amp and subwoofers installed in a vw jetta.

Also need to get the windows tinted, know of any good places for that as well?

Something downtown Toronto would be preferrable (or close to it.




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Originally posted by finary
*shameless bump*


i know a place in scarborough that does really good installs..
but you said downtown, so i didn't want to mention it earlier.

if you want to look them up, look for G&G Electronics on Kingston road and call them and ask for Kevin's number.
He does a lot of business for them, and he works around back.
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Dr. Grinch

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I don't deal with TO shops unfortunately, but I will reccomend where I go and trust implicitly. It's called Autosonics in Guelph. They did the full install on my 2002 Spec-V and made it look mint. They also did my CRX when I had it and again, it was perfect. They are incredibly reputbale, very professional and will go the distance to make sure things are done properly (I took my car back twice for an amp grounding issue and they didn't charge me for the labour to fix the problem.)

Highest reccomendations from a guy who's mental about car stereo (over $6000 invested) :D


The Burlington store is closed unfortunately, but I still drive the 40 mins to Guelph to go there.


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Great! thanks for the suggestions.

I think I'll go to Kromer, I've heard alot of good things about them.
Plus it's really close and on my way to work, so I can drop off my car in the morning and pick it up after work.

They also said they can probably do the tinting too.




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yeah there are some good places in scarborough...
auto techniques & g&g electronics (basically right across the street from each other)...
but for downtown, you can't go wrong with kromer...



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the best person to do your tint is a guy named Millan in k/w. by far the best place to go for tint. i am not sure where exactly he works, but i could find out for you. there is a definite difference between good and bad tinting. i have been told he's one of, if not the best in canada, and you'll never have problems with it. it's worth the drive to make sure that in a couple years it doesn't start to peel or bubble.

private message me and i'll get back to you with details.

as for the stereo... shop around... but i may be able to give you a reference on that too. and if i can give advise.... spend your $ on good speakers, not on the sub. if you have great speakers your car will sound like gold with almost any sub you put in it. and as far as a deck, the more simple it is, the better it will be in the long run. don't buy anything that has a motorized front face as they are more likely to break, plus you just end up paying for the flashy face, and it won't sound any better. my deck doesn't even have a detatchable face plate, but it was wicked sound and it's reliable

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Mike Richards

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If you're willing to make the trek to Brampton, 20HZ does excellent work. From what I understand they did all but maybe 2 of The Raptors cars (or trucks)(those guys all have like Escalades n' shit)!!!