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car audio stuff for sale...


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hey there...this is for my brother in law so feel free to email him directly at mathieu@yuill.ca ...

he has a few things to sell...

12" Cerwin Vega Sub-woofer with Alpine 90 watt x 2 amp in box
Box is molded for 2000-01 Tiburon to fit in the trunk on the driver's side
over the tire well, may fit other vehicles. Includes some wires.
Everything in mint condition
$300 for all

Alpine 90 watt x 2 amp with some scratches, includes some wires.

JVC CH-X110012 disc CD changer. Includes mount to position player at 0-90
degrees. Includes wires. Second generation unit with advanced skip
protection. CD-R/CD-RW Compatible, world's smallest 12-disc changer.

JVC KD-LH1000 single CD deck. Includes mount, some wires, remote,
detachable face, carrying case. 200W (50Wx4), CD-R/RW compatable.
Gold-Plated Line Output Terminals, Subwoofer output terminal. 3D- LCD
Multi-colour display. 1-bit DAC.

he's out of the country until next week, but feel free to send emails...

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