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capture the flag @ kensington market

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that 420 guy

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Originally posted by chipotle
there is going to be so many hippies at this thing...

lots of people will turn up for this for sure.

you callin me a hippie?

i can work with that :D

i'll see you on the battlefield.

- that broadband hippie guy
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Hey Jake and Will or anyone else non-psycho,

Do you wanna meet at my place before for a little warm up and to talk some strategy? I have to setup a friend's pc after work but should be home for around 8.

Let me know.


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strategy for capture the flag?

just bring a bunch of cellphones and keep on contact with each other or walkies.. damn it.


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ben- I can't meet up early, having a small bbq. Let's meet at the greenP or something... I'll give you a buzz tonight.

Jose: Whatever.
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I MIGHT try to come out to this after I down a few honey garlic wings. MIGHT....

I am definitely into the MAN HUNT game.


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amy: I wouldn't bother, cuz by 900 you won't be done wings. Enjoy your night and I'm sure there will be more 1) manhunt and 2) ctf games coming up in the summer.
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Originally posted by d.code
Sounds pretty wicked!

Id like to see a giant game of Manhunt.

We used to play a version of CTF in highpark with about 30 kids all on Bikes. YOu captured someone by hitting them with a stick. There were a few injuries but the game was DAMN fun. The playing area we used was huge- and in the summer youd be suprised how well you could sneak around on a bike in the dense trees....

Then the next summer we ditched the bikes and started playing at night which was fun. We stopped tho the day that I was sneaking through the bush taking a round about path to come up behind our enemy and me and 2 other guys came over the crest of a hill only to see

a circle of about 15 young/old men completely naked fucking each other in the ass and sucking each others Hoo Hoo's. It totally freaked us out because at first we thought they were ghosts and they were making moaning sounds. Me and my friend sort of crept forwards a couple of feet while the others stayed behind and took off. We got closer and then I realized what I was looking at. They saw us too and some turned to let us get a full straight on look and some called for us to join! We ran like hell a few seconds later after quickly trying to figure out between each other what the fuck was happening.

great times in High Park.

omg. i can't believe everyone else just ignored this post. hehehehe....wow.....that must have been traumatic. :D
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That was f'n fun. I just finished taking my epsom salts bath. Looks like I'll have something to do every Tuesday night (If my ankle heals)


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I had a wicked time last night as well.

My only complaint is the use of bikes. It makes it really hard to catch someone if they are on a bike.

But...then again they are not as mobile so whatever i guess

then again next time i will probably bring mine so whatever i guess
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