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*caption Contest*

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Dr Funk MD

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Rob: Watch me yank this girls pants down in 3.. 2.. 1...

Red Bow Girl: Wow check out the skin on that red head's shoulders. I bet that would make a great hand bag.

Jess: These boobies are A-Okay!

Bleu Bow Girl: I'm going to try and seduce everyone here and then call my exboyfriend after.
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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girl on the far right "i went of for a night to system and all i got was this lousy t-shirt, (it isn't even made of 100% cotton !)"


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Originally posted by SlipperyPete
the look on Robs face is priceless
It was even funnier last night after a lot of heineken.

It took me two hours to convince that frickin' pussy to take that picture with me!

(But in the end, it ended up being for the best, seeing as it was originally just the one girl "in" the blue. But we got two for Rob's pussiness, so I guess I'll let it slide. ;) )
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Dr Funk MD

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Why would he be afraid to have a picture taken? He looks p.i.m.p. in that shot.

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Aaah yes, I almost forgot. My thoughts on the photo...

Rob: "Sweet Jesus, I can't believe Jess talked me into this... But this is GREAT!"

(what I really enjoy most is the dainty finger motion he's making, and how it looks like he's trying to un-do Red's pants.)

Red: "I'm so fucking coked up I don't even really care any more! This shit is FUN!"

(what I enjoy is that her breast is actually RESTING on Rob. RESTING. I could only ever WISH that my breasts were capable of "resting".)

Me: *scrunched up eyes and nodding head* "YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

(What I enjoy about this, is that I actually have my hand fully on a naked chick's torso. And I didn't even realise until after I looked at it.)

Blue: "Okay. So I've been a good sport all night. I still can't believe anyone talked me into doing this in the first place, but fuck, at least the beer's free.... Why does this girl have her arm half way around my waist... eeeeee....."

(What I really enjoy is that you can see the fear in her eyes if you look closely. It's a good thing I smelled good.)


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