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can't go anywhere..too cold!

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member

at my girlfriend's house,she's at work and im here alone...going to watch the leaf game soon but then realized that i have only shorts and no sweaters here!!!

I just didn't think about it until it was too late...now i'm stuck in a situation which will take some macgiver like moves took break free of.

plus I have no wheels to get me anywhere

fuck...who's in oakville who can let me borrow some leaf watchin' clothes?
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terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
Gotta get my new watch done up.

Cold is life. You must be colder

From the Ministry of don't ask me what that means.

Prime Minister Highsteppa

i've got a real dilemma on my hands and you say that!?
I say kill the pets and use their pelts as sweaters

From the Ministry of problem solved until she wonders where kitty is.

Prime Minister Highsteppa <- kinda loopy this morning.
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Par- T

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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
Just strap kitty and all other pets to you, and let them live

Ouch - claws in delicate places

Prime minister of pain me-thinks!

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Originally posted by SUNKIST
just dont wear her underwear on your head.

:mad: Grrr.... enough already!
I only did it a couple of times and I was just doing it to be funny!
you laughed... mission accomplished..... now stop mocking me!

*twitch's nervously*