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Canon Theater - "The Producers"

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Wow, that seating chart is bad...rear mezzanine means rear balcony...which for a theatre the size of the Canon, are probably the worst seats in the house. :)


Boss Hog

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Yeah Sam that's the old Pantages - rear mezzanine is pretty far back. Orchestra is good,or even the first 1/3 of the mezzanine you're probably good.
this post isn't helpful or insightful

but the canon theatre is by far the worst theatre for musical theatre productions, seriously.

its too big and awkward

id go for front orch or maybe front balcony -- always in the centre

even if you have to pay a little more
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Vote Quimby

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I saw it. Sat front row first balcony, st the side. Didn't miss anything. Great seats. Sat in the same seats for Chicago too.

Sunshyne Jones

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i keep running into sean cullen in my neighborhood - suppose he must live around there too

anyway, he kinda bugs me - i'm not really a fan

but he has no idea who i am so could not know this

here's the thing - every time i see him he shoots me a totally dirty look. i thought i was imagining it but last time my bf was with me and he saw the look shot my way and quickly turned to me and said "did you SEE that LOOK he shot you?" ... crazy!
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