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Canon S400 For Sale - New Condition


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I am selling this great camera... because I realize that I am not really into photography....

- bought 2 months ago, have boxes, cables (USB and Video) , Warranty Card that I was too lazy to mail in, 32 Meg Flash Card

- Including a great Canon leather case for Camera ... paid $50

Only used for a few days on my Cuba trip.....

Cost at Futureshop or Henry's : $599 +tax +$50 for case = around $750

I am selling it for $400 FIRM.... this should go quick I think ... great camera

If interested PM me or e-mail me: mbhaloo@hotmail.com

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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^^ Your box is full

Unfortunately another triber has dibbs on it... if anything falls through I will let you know