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Cancel your summer vacation to Belarus!!!

judge wopner

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Belarus to ban Canadian, U.S. flights from airspace
CBC News

Weeks after Ottawa refused to let a plane from Belarus stop for refuelling, the former Soviet state plans to ban Canadian and U.S. flights over its territory.

On April 20, a plane carrying Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky was on its way to Cuba for an official visit when both Canada and the United States refused to let it land and refuel. Ottawa cited human rights concerns.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry announced the ban on Thursday, after it was proposed this week by President Alexander Lukashenko.

"Belarus strictly observes symmetry in adopting any sort of retaliatory measures," a foreign ministry spokesman, Andrei Popov, told a news conference.

"These restrictions will apply only to two countries: the United States and Canada."

It's not clear how many flights would be affected by the move. Canada and the United States pay roughly $200,000 to Belarus each year for the use of its airspace, west of Russia and north of Ukraine.

Ottawa refused to let the plane land on April 20 because of concerns about "the current regime's commitment to democratization and human rights," a foreign affairs spokeswoman, Pamela Greenwell, said at the time.

Lukashenko has come under increased international criticism following his controversial election win in March and subsequent crackdown on protests against the vote, which critics claim was rigged.

In early April, a Canadian journalist spent 15 days in prison while covering an anti-Lukashenko demonstration.

Greenwell said she didn't know what alternate arrangements the plane made in order to land safely. The Cuban newspaper Granma said the plane had been carrying Sidorsky and a number of other government officials.
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Kudos to the Canadian and US governments for arbitrarily condemning rights violators when it's convenient and they have limited interests.


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Kudos to the Canadian and US governments for arbitrarily condemning rights violators when it's convenient and they have limited interests.
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I saw a documentary on the Belarus elections on CBC. It was pretty sad, the officials where basically forging ballots in front of the cameras and the international observers where kept away from the counting process by the police. The whole thing was very clearly fraudulent.

I doubt this whole over-flight ban will be a inconvenience to anyone. Air Canada on has a couple of flights into that region and Im sure they can avoid Belarus’s airspace quite easily. Russia banned Canadian over-flights lastyear for a month or so in response to Canada banning Aeroflot from Canadian skies due to safety concerns.