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Canadian Tire eliminating Canadian Tire Money


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I was in Canadian Tire yesterday at the checkout, and the cashier handed me this Canadian Tire money card...

They are phasing out Canadian Tire Money and are going to migrate everyone to a 'loyalty card'. While I understand why they are doing this (it probably costs a fortune to maintain your own currency), I will miss the bills.

Getting a handful of Canadian Tire money at the cash always reminded me of buying hockey goalie pads or parts for my bike as a kid. I've often even paid for entire purchases with Canadian Tire money! Canadian Tire Money holds it value better than the Canadian Dollar too!

Also, this new Canadian Tire Money Card system will allow the company to sell your first party data (demographics, purchase history, and other information) in a data management platform to ad agencies for large amounts of money, which kind of sucks, because you are not going to see any of that cash.

We are losing the total anonymity of those crumply Canadian Tire bills with the Scottish dude on them and welcoming having our info sold to the highest bidder.

Canadian Tire Money RIP


[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I can't believe it took this long.
The only downside to this is that I can't just take the "money" and stick it in the charity collection jar on my way out. I wonder if you can tell the cashier to donate it instead of giving you the loyalty points to your digital card?


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It's much less likely that they would sell the information to an ad agency than simply use the data themselves to plan their offerings store-by-store to better suit the needs of the customers who shop there. They can also plan directed marketing emails so that customers receive notifications of specials on products they would actually buy.

Canadian Tire isn't in the business of selling customer data - they're in the business of selling automotive, hardware and home products. Instead of paying some marketing insight company to analyze whatever data they can cobble together from surveys and focus groups, CTire can use a loyalty card to gather the data themselves.


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Right Acheron, but shouldn't this be seen as a harbinger of doom still??

Should we be cracking open the nearest head and feasting on the goo inside???
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What's canadian tire's niche now anyway? I can get crap from China at any number of other big box stores. Not that I want any.
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worst thing about canadian tire money is that if you want to return something and you don't have the "money" they subtract the amount from your actual legal tender. drives me absolutely fucking bananas just on principle alone even if its only a few bucks here and there

i only buy stuff there on visa now for this very reason...no "money".


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Oh the stories of wads of $TIRE... knew of a guy who bought a snowmobile with em.

Well actually I may only have maybe 3$ in $Tire lying around here. Anyhoo, I was planning on buying some new bike locks in the spring 2016, and using that $tire money up, so they better take it, even if it knocks off part of the taxes. Otherwise I'd feel totally scammed, man. SCAMMED!


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when i was like 17 you used to be able to use it to buy smokes at at the canadian tire gas stations. what a revelation when you find your parents crappy tire money stash.
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Not surprising. My sister had a summer job once at the company in Ottawa that printed Canadian Tire money along with currency for lots of smaller nations around the world. The cost to print that money wasn't cheap. A loyalty card makes much more sense.

Yes the nostalgia factor is high with it though.