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Canadian Liberal Party

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Lojack, Mar 12, 2017.

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    Charlie J. Angus shared a post.
    2 hrs ·
    Justin Trudeau gave $12 million so Galen Weston's company can fix their fridges. Kashechewan received $0.

    His company was found guilty in a bread fixing scheme and they fought the rise in the minimum wage. The people of Kashechewan have a signed agreement with the Trudeau government to finally move the community to safe ground. But the Prime Minister would rather be the head butler to the 1% than to live up to his promises to build a fairer Canada for all citizens
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    Charlie Angus NDP - NPD
    Yesterday at 9:39 AM ·

    I want to share with you this short speech that I made to my Liberal colleagues on our calling as parliamentarians to represent truth and integrity. The setting was the Ethics Committee. Liberals were determined to shut down my attempt to bring Katie Telford and Ben Chin, two key government players in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, to testify.

    I have respect for my Liberal colleagues on the Committee and laid out a clear set of arguments for why we have an obligation to get answers for Canadians.

    I believe they're embarrassed by the actions of the government. Yet they sat stone-faced, making no effort to rebut either the testimony or my arguments. Just before the vote, I made this appeal about the need to work for a higher calling in politics.

    They sat in silence then voted down my motion.

    ETHI - Members - House of Commons of Canada
    6 liberals, 2 conservatives, and 1 ndp member.
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