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Canadian journalists as politicians are the worst


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What? As if the current lot of journalists who became politicians isn't bad enough, we have 3 more journalists going into politics - although I am not sure a "former MUCH MUSIC VJ" can accurately be described as a 'journalist' - Jennifer Hollett was also a part of a breakdancing crew, that much is certain, which makes her a more interesting politician, to me anyway. But I wonder how long this lot will last before the dark side appears....

What is it with journalists who go into politics and then turn evil? Think Adam Vaughan, Peter Kent, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin... What happens to them? Are they poisoned by the trough? Or is it that they finally get to a place on the other side of the microphone and become the very douches they had always interviewed?

Psychiatric/Psychological Academics should really get on this phenomenon with some studies and research papers because I am sure it would make for interesting reading.
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sort of a damned if you do (politicians are usually lawyers, who are trained in debating and understand the law but tend to be shrewd) and damned if you don't (reporters who cover parliament hill for years understand the mechanics of the political sphere and are effective speakers but lack actual legal knowledge)