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Canadian Conservative Party


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And like that, O'Toole is taken out to the shed.

So sorry, not sorry.

What I am constantly amazed with, and thus is trying to understand the human mind, Are you that bat shit crazy that you don’t know when to call it a day. Never mind going home at the end of the day and telling your family that you are a good person.

You are not.

Shame on you and yes, please let the door hit your fat blue ass on the way out.

Insert golf clap
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I don't think it's unfair to say that the throne to Conservative leadership is (still) a poisoned chalice. They're very fractured, with a base that is getting increasingly frustrated and leaning further to the right thinking it will get them wins. Having kowtowed to the far right is now expected and no longer an option to ignore for any sitting Conservative politician - they've made the fringe part of their base their mainstream.

Whomever takes over the leadership is not in for an easy ride. With O'Toole having served a mere 17 months, the next person in line is going to be under even more pressure - which isn't a good ingredient in trying to unite their own party. It doesn't help that they're essentially controlled by Alberta and Saskatchewan - a pretty narrow view of Canadian life, making it even more difficult to empathize with voters in other provinces and Quebec a very tough sell.

We're a country that's very influenced by the Americans on a lot of fronts - not excluding politics and culture. They're heading down the same path as the Republicans more and more each day.


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Trudeau must be laughing.
And he just re-introduced Speech control Bill C-10 which is now called C-11.
Conservative opposition in disarray. The NDP is selling furniture online so there's no opposition coming from them.
We're fucked.


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I can't wait to hear the conservative plan for this:

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They can't choose Ford - he doesn't speak a lick of French and he doesn't have the discipline to learn.

Without Quebec, the CPC doesn't stand a chance. All it would take is one French debate and they'd be toast.
Ford has secretly been taking french lessons, although covid put a bit of a wrench into his plans
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Jean Charest is being courted for the leadership race with the CPC in order to unite them. However, that courtship ends the minute you get to the westmost border of Winnipeg. I knew Stephen Harper still had some control over the CPC, but I didn't think it would be with this much influence.

I kind of hope Harper stays in control - he's showing how out of touch he is, and the rest of the party doesn't seem to notice except when they campaign and lose.
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Charest would be good.
He would, which is why Harper doesn't want him.

It's also the reason why Pierre Poliviere asked for a shortened leadership race and for it to be held early. Little weaselly fuck knows he'd lose to Charest, in a debate and an election.

I think Charest would tone down the culture warrior bullshit, if not start the movement towards phasing them out altogether.

Problem is, her religious views make any kind of outreach to the LGBTQ impossible, no abortion and supports conversion therapy. Also supported the Freedom Convoy and wants COVID restrictions.

I don't think the Federal Conservatives are listening at all, kind of ironic that she says that Trudeau doesn't listen to anyone but himself. They're still stuck in the 80's
Patrick Brown throwing his hat into the ring. Hopefully he doesn't get backdoored like he did with the Provincial Leadership, he's one of the few people I think that could bring the Conservatives into the 21st Century and ditch the culture warriors/old guard.
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Say what you want about Patrick Brown - he just fucked up Pierre Poliviere by bringing up the niqab ban. Poliviere then accused Patrick Brown of "lying a lot", saying it was never a ban, and then STFU when Brown showed one of Poliviere's own staff referring to it as a ban AND the snitch line that Poliviere supported.

Brown's out for blood, here's hoping the bloodlust takes down Poliviere quickly and with plenty of humililation.


Although the United Conservative Party government created the CEC as a private corporation, the energy minister is the sole voting shareholder. Its board of directors consists of three Alberta government ministers. The CEC is funded by Alberta's industrial carbon tax, the Technology, Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund.

When the government incorporated the CEC in late 2019, ministers said it shouldn't be subject to FOI requests, to avoid information getting into the hands of those who seek to malign Alberta's oil and gas.

The government initially budgeted $30 million a year for the CEC. That was pared back to about $4 million in 2020 when the pandemic hit. The 2022-23 proposed budget doesn't include a line item for the CEC, but Energy Minister Sonya Savage said in the legislature Monday it will have about $12 million annually.

The decision came via the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, an independent body that reports directly to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Publicly funded Oil and Gas war room in Alberta is exempt from FOI requests. LOL. Like this is actually legal and not a conflict of interest.

Pierre Poliviere wants Canada to be a Blockchain Powerhouse and thinks Cryptocurrency will solve our economic woes and decentralize the banks.

While in London, Poilievre used bitcoin to buy shawarma in a local restaurant, while touting on social media that the shop owner had “outsmarted” the federal government to “beat inflation”. He added in his press release that the “government is ruining the Canadian dollar, so Canadians should have the freedom to use other money”.

He thinks that "the government is ruining our dollar"

In February, Poilievre appeared on a cryptocurrency podcast hosted by a bitcoin trader who has promoted COVID-19 conspiracies and has compared central banking policies to slavery and Nazi Germany.

Poilievre told the show's host, Robert Breedlove, that he and his wife occasionally watch his cryptocurrency YouTube channel "late into the night." Some pretty wild nights at the Pollivere household.

Our own Ted freakin' Cruz, trying to board the pyramid scheme bus.
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