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Canadian Conservative Party

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
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And today the Supreme Court handing down the decision that Carbon Taxing is constitutional should put a nail in any hopes of winning an election and hurts the provincial tories even worse :)

Hope those guys that voted against climate change are enjoying their decision.
Less than 1 year having been elected as leader and they're already talking about replacing O'Toole.

Is it just me, or does it feel like O'Toole has been in place a lot longer than since August (!) of last year?

The Conservative leadership position seems to be a poisoned chalice lately - whomever takes it over has to deal with several competing factions that can't or refuses to move forward with the rest of the world, and whomever feels left out is ready to put a knife in their back.

This is only going to get worse if they don't start to try to expand their reach and expand their base - you can't win elections if your support and views is based in the Prairies alone.