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Canadian Conservative Party


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Yup, seems about right to me. Cannabis and medics that actually helps improve the quality of people’s lives was BAD. no personal financial gain for me.

Oh, you want we to sit on your board of directors for JUUL, and you will pay me for it? When do I start.

Perhaps we should get her a dictionary so she can look up the definition of hypocrite.


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I don't understand how that Scheer guy is even still making press conferences and announcements. I thought he was gone already.
It’s a sign of the state of the PCOC. Fuck me. Is that even what they’re calling themselves now? From one prick to the next. ...and the fact that they let that proven loser, half-Canadian, redneck, overbreeding, son of a deacon speak for them says everything you need to know about that lot. Drain-swirl. Keep a plunger handy.

...but it’s all Trudeau’s fault.

Same bunch of ass-clowns they’ve been for the past 35 years. Fuck ‘em all. ;)
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