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Canadian Conservative Party

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Sheer knows the knives are out for him. Anything less than a majority means he's out.
The approach of team Scheer in this campaign shows the smarmy, weak-ass, clownism of their party.

Salesmen, cheats and liars, throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.

Scheer's team are using the same tactics as DoFo. They've embraced a populist front, while claiming to fight for the middle-class. This may have been a lucrative path before Trump. In reality? Not so much.

Bernier is running for a different base. He's gaining in Alberta. ...and the wing-nut whack-job bullshit out there will be the test.

What will the loud-mouth, xenophobic, earth-raping, pseudo-cowboy-hick fucktards decide to do? A good number want to take their tar and leave Confederation. They think they're owed something. They want to take the grimy, short-term gain from sludge and act as if it's a way forward. That's fine. ...but it's not.

This approach will end up leaving one of our most beautiful provinces (sans the fuck-tards that spout gravitas to the sands) with nothing. Zero.

They're a classy bunch. The sort that go all-in on hollowing out the ground beneath them, like free-ticket winners on 649, who can't see the future because their heads are firmly planted up their assholes. ;)
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His party is going to cannibalize him.
I get the feeling that they might turn even further into populism - they're trying to spin this as "we kept the Libs out of Alberta and Sask! That'll show 'em" as if this is a huge strategic win and it feeds into their tribalism bullshit narrative.

Alberta is certainly showing itself to be a class act by talking nonsense about succession (you're a land locked province, dipshits) and giving flack to NL for voting their own way. Scheer's only means of survival is to excite the base and go to the old Reform playbook to make him seem better than he is.

Canadians will follow what the U.S. does politically - until the populism/Trump wave breaks, they'll keep copying what's going on south of the border.

The U.S. coughs, we sneeze.
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