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Canadian Conservative Party


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Huh, Scheer's been lying about his resume for nearly 15 years.
...and pumping out kids ever since. You can't pay for that on a CV that screams, "service industry" unless you ramp it up to the public service industry.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: He's an over-breeding son-of-a-Deacon.

"If you are doing business with a religious son-of-a-bitch, GET IT IN WRITING! His word ain't worth shit. ...not with the good Lord tellin' him how to FUCK you on the deal". (Burroughs)
They're already looking for a replacement for Sheer - Kenny was a front runner until he mouthed off and said that the climate marches that he didn't attend were "a far left socialist agenda". Now Peter McKay is being looked at.

If they're doing this now, in the middle of a election campaign, they must know that they've blown it.
god that's all we need is Scheer to be dumped and then Ford will make a run at the Federal PC leadership
Considering what a liability he currently is with Ontario (he's the second least popular premier in Canada), I don't think Doug has a chance. He's botched governing Ontario and will likely be a 1 term government, with lasting damage to the conservative brand in Ontario, especially Toronto.

Kenny and MacKay could be hint that the CPC are maybe looking to reign back from U.S. style politics and (hopefully) populism politics. MacKay would be the best chance of healing the rift with Toronto if he doesn't completely sell out. With Kenny's excuse about not having participated with the Climate March, Kenny looks pretty out of touch with the rest of the country, hence why I think MacKay would be the better choice for them.


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I'm calling a Conservative minority. I don't like it, but...

and Multiply the damage Ford did to Ontario by a bazillion, and that's whats gonna happen to Canada.
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