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Canadian Conservative Party

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Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

Looks like Trudeau not the only politician on SNC Lavalin's payroll. This picture was taken at an Andrew Scheer fundraiser. Liberals and Tories same old Story.


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Sent a short note to Sam Oosterhoff. Couldn’t reach him by phone because the government website had 555-1212 listed. I found it, finally. Called. Surprise surprise... Nobody’s taking calls at the little punk’s office today.


“Hey there, ya lippy little, self-entitled piece of shit. I guess you missed the class where minding your fucking manners and staying within your pay-grade were addressed.

You’ve got FUCK-ALL to say about a woman’s right to self-determination, shit-sack.

Take your backwoods, home-schooled, sky-fairy, rube-ass bullshit and shove it up your ass.

If you can’t find your own asshole, there are plenty of us that are more than happy to help.

Bring your own lube, goof. It might get rough. “
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Bernnie Federko

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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer outlines economic priorities, takes aim at Trudeau’s leadership and spending

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said in a speech today that his economic policy will be a dramatic departure from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s and took aim at the country’s increasing deficits under Trudeau’s leadership and his spending.

If the October federal election brings his party to power, he said his government would seek to balance the budget, but stopped short of saying when or how that would happen. Scheer also said he would:

  • Scrap the carbon tax.
  • Repeal Bill C-69, relating to the federal assessment process for major construction projects.
  • End the ban on tanker traffic off the coast of British Columbia.

Bernnie Federko

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Kenney plans for ‘summer of repeal’ as United Conservatives enter legislature

After four years of New Democrat rule in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservatives will enter the legislature for the first time as government. The Speech from the Throne on Wednesday will be followed by a legislative session that could stretch until after the Calgary Stampede, with Mr. Kenney promising a “summer of repeal”that would take aim at former premier Rachel Notley’s legacy.

The United Conservatives have said their first bill will end the collection of the province’s carbon tax on May 30 and will eventually repeal Alberta’s entire climate strategy, which includes energy-efficiency programs. Ottawa is expected to impose a federal carbon tax after Alberta’s tax disappears. Along with a bill that would remove the NDP’s labour and workplace safety rules, Mr. Kenney’s government has said it will then cut the corporate tax rate to 11 per cent from 12 per cent on July 1, which will be further reduced to 8 per cent over the next four years.
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