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Canadian Conservative Party

Bernnie Federko

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The federal Tories wouldn’t challenge Quebec’s planned religious-symbols ban

The incoming Coalition Avenir Québec government has said it wants to bar some civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work – and the federal Conservatives don’t plan on getting in the way. Premier-designate François Legault said he would be willing to invoke the notwithstanding clause in the Charter in order to pass legislation on the matter. Tory MP Gérard Deltell said his party wouldn’t oppose that move or join a legal challenge of the legislation. Both the Liberals and NDP have expressed concerns about using the clause in this case.
Finally. He was one of the most incompetent fuckwits on Harper's team - like when he hung up on the caller on the radio show that challenged his policies on digital rights, and his usual selective outrage bleating in front of the CBC.

Hated that his riding got all that money for the G8 summit too, not quite gerrymandering, but almost a bribe to vote conservative.


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LOLZ at his Wife's FB page, with him sharing the picture with her while she celebrates her new book...mere days ago. Dude's a fucking scumbag pervert, and i hope she takes him for half his shit.
But...did she know ?