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Canadian Conservative Party


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I love the new PC/Patrick Brown Commercial

PC's: "Hey it's me Patrick Brown"
Me: Who?
PC's: Patrick! you know the leader of the party in Ontario
Me: Who?
PC's: Good grief


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Rebel Media's Freedom Rally Was Bonkers

Rebel Media‘s “Freedom Rally” at Canada Christian College in Toronto on February 15 was as chilling as you can imagine.

Some of the hundreds in attendance did not hold back their support for the conservative speakers. Even more troubling, at least one even gave what appeared to be an enthusiastic Nazi salute.

The speaker list included Conservative leadership candidates Kellie Leitch, Chris Alexander, Pierre Lemieux, and Brad Trost, along with the Rebel’s Ezra Levant and Faith Goldy.

Check out our video coverage:


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Didn't suck. If more of em could be like Clark...we'd all win a lil more.
Decent dude for sure. Missing link between old and new conservative tradition in Canada.

Many don't know it because he's seen as a "red tory", but his embrace of free market ideology actually made him seem a bit rebellious and not in line with the conservative tradition in Canada known as "toryism".

Maybe we should think of him more as a "market tory", vs being a "red' one.

Anyway - he's a fine man. I think of him as one of the "exceptions to the rule" that made me realize blanket cynicism of all politicians was foolish.


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They're pansies playing it safe trying to say the right things but not actually commit to anything. Weasels

Bernnie Federko

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Remember when the Government said they were gonna save 70 million a year on a new payroll processing system?

The mess that is Phoenix is a story of misguided political objectives, bungled management of a major technology project and a complete failure by anyone in charge to take responsibility for mistakes. The fiasco raises troubling questions about the government’s ability to perform one of its most basic functions – paying its bills and taking care of employees. The Phoenix system is just one of the major information-technology projects, totalling billions of dollars, now under way in the government.”