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Canada's Next Top Model - Cycle 2


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I was rooting for Rebecca all along! She totally owned it.

I can't believe Sinead is 5'8''! She seems so tiny, but those girls are all way taller/thinner than they appear on to be on tv...


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i can't believe i missed the stupid finale.

i was rooting for her all along too - she was the only one who wasn't a bitch or a whiner, had top photos every time, took direction and acted very professionally.

good for her! :)

Metal Morphosis

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overall i was super impressed with the production of season 2. Jay Manuel really pushed things forward and made a HUGE improvement from the debacle that was season 1.

i love Rebecca's story too... meat factory worker to model - so awesome.

Dirty Girl

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me me me!
although i cant remember anything about the 1st episode at this moment.
except that nigel was in it and thats all that really matters.
oh and the girls won a challenge (3 girls) and got to take a helicopter ride and go do a photo shoot seals with on the ice in buttfucknowhere with nigel. and then came back to the house to find a zillion gifts of bags, clothes, makeup whatev for them, and their own private room and bathroom for the 3 of them to share, and I think all the other girls are stuck sharing one room. so those 3 are totally alienated and hated by all the other girls now.
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dr. claw

the girls this year are pretty hurting, which sucks because they were all right last season

and I thought the last crop of antm chicks were dogs

Dirty Girl

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wtf were they thinking, i hate bangs like that too, they look so stupid, but lucky for her they will be grown out by the end of the competition anyway.