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Canadain zine to re-print Porphet cartoon

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Originally posted by Rataxès
It's easy to laugh at such things when a cabal of 12 Zionist bankers control the world from a mountain fortress in Switzerland.

Right, the big jewish conspiracy theory. That's it.
Booooo. Too bad no one invited me. I want in damn it!


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Originally posted by The Tesseract
Supposedly the more crass cartoons were fabricated by the Iranian authorities, just to piss off their flock off even more.

Either way... they're all fucking morons for getting pissed off at a CARTOON!


Your opinion is unique and eye-opening.

Lovely N Amazin

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i listened to ezra levant, the publisher of the western standard, defend his decision to reprint the cartoons this morning on the current. the guy's a racist nutjob.