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Canadain zine to re-print Porphet cartoon


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OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he regrets the publication of controversial editorial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

In his first public statement on the controversy, Harper noted yesterday that Canadians have a right to free speech.

But they "also have the right to voice their opinion on the free speech of others," he added.

"I regret the publication of this material in several media outlets," he said in a news release.

"While we understand this issue is divisive, our government wishes that people be respectful of the beliefs of others. I commend the Canadian Muslim community for voicing its opinion peacefully, respectfully and democratically."

The cartoons were first published by a Danish newspaper in September. Papers in other European countries reprinted them, and the latest issue of the Calgary-based Western Standard includes some of the offending drawings.

One of the cartoons depicts the prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban with a lit detonator string -- a shot at Islamic terrorists.

Islamic tradition prohibits depictions of the Prophet.

One Muslim group warned yesterday the Western Standard's decision to carry the drawings could endanger Canadians in Afghanistan.

Reprinting the drawings could put the soldiers, who have been attacked repeatedly at further risk, said Riad Saloojee of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"I think the fact that people choose to reprint the cartoons could put our troops in danger," he said. "That's, I think, one of the reasons why major (Canadian) media outlets have been responsible and chosen not to do that."

Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor expressed similar concerns Monday.

Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant dismissed the criticism.

"In Canada we have freedoms, and our soldiers' and diplomats' job is to protect those freedoms at home and expand those freedoms abroad," Levant said yesterday. "I think most of the soldiers get it."


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In a rather unique and awesome response to this controversy, an Israeli website is having a contest for the best Anti-Semitic cartoons.


"Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!
February 14th, 2006

A Danish paper publishes a cartoon that mocks Muslims.
An Iranian paper responds with a Holocaust cartoons contest -
- Now a group of Israelis announce their own anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the Muhammad cartoon-gate events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity - and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest - this time drawn by Jews themselves!

Well show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published! said Sandy No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!

The contest has been announced today on the www.boomka.org website, and the initiator accept submissions of cartoons, caricatures and short comic strips from people all over the world. The deadline is Sunday March 5, and the best works will be displayed in an Exhibition in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Sandy is now in the process of arranging sponsorships of large organizations, and promises lucrative prizes for the winners, including of course the famous Matzo-bread baked with the blood of Christian children.

For more info contact:
Amitai at amitaiss@yahoo.com or 972-54-316-4117"
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The Tesseract

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Supposedly the more crass cartoons were fabricated by the Iranian authorities, just to piss off their flock off even more.

Either way... they're all fucking morons for getting pissed off at a CARTOON!


What the hell is wrong with you people?


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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

something still seems so wrong about this word combination.
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Ditto Much

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Originally posted by thom100
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

something still seems song wrong about this word combination.

may he last as long as other great Conservative Prime Ministers like Kim Campbell and Joe Clarke.

To be honest I'm still pissed that we're paying a pension to Kim Campbell.

The Tesseract

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Originally posted by Ditto Much
To be honest I'm still pissed that we're paying a pension to Kim Campbell.

technically, you aren't right now, cause you live in the US, and pay those taxes. besides, Campbell is still working and hasn't retired yet

here's a comforting thought... you're currently paying George Bush's pension... and Jimmy Carter's.
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Originally posted by kyfe
is someone going to post it here?

I wanna see if there will be some tribe jihad action

Alexd is concerned that radical Islamic youth will burn down the Tribe Embassy in Syria.

/it isn't a party until someone issues a fatwa


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Originally posted by simza
HAHAHAHAHAHAH. That is sweet!

See, I'm a Jew and I'm laughing :)

It's easy to laugh at such things when a cabal of 12 Zionist bankers control the world from a mountain fortress in Switzerland.


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I'm just not sure how the Jews always end up being blamed for these things. Apparently the Muslims are coming back with anti-Jewish cartoons. I'm really not sure what this or burning things does for their case.
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